Remember when Transformer spacecraft names were easy to pronounce?

The Calabi-Yau is an Autobot science/survey space vessel, crewed by Jetfire and his crew of Technobots.

The name is likely a reference to Calabi-Yau manifolds.


IDW Comics continuity

The Calabi-Yau was orbiting Cybertron when its sensors picked up an energy trace from the dead planet. Nosecone reported the reading to Jetfire, who gathered the Technobots in the ship's diagnostic auditorium, where the energy trace was identified as an unusual variant of Energon. Against command directives, Jetfire ordered the Calabi-Yau land on Cybertron, where he and three of the Technobots disembarked to conduct a detailed survey. Technobots Nosecone and Afterburner took the Calabi-Yau back into orbit; shortly thereafter, she was targeted and attacked by a missile volley launched from Cybertron. Afterburner launched a distress buoy and the two Technobots made it to an emergency escape pod moments before the missiles destroyed the Calabi-Yau. Stormbringer issue 1

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