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Cain is a human in the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Zone cain

Shops in the same store Kicker gets all his clothes from.

Cain (カイン Kain) is a former resident of the planet Feminia. He is not a girl. After the Nine Great Demon Generals destroyed his homeworld, he moved to planet Zone to live and work with the Autobots. He is best friends with an Earth boy named Akira and has a talking pet bunny-bird named Emusa.


Zone cartoon

Voice actor: Eiko Yamada (Japanese)

By god, what horror. A poor boy, whose home has been lost. His people, his very world, devastated by the Decepticons. It is only thanks to his friendship with the Autobots that he could possibly find joy.

Cain, rescued by Victory Saber, and transported in Galaxy Shuttle, found himself on Zone, surrounded by technology and robots. Not that he minded, even if his pet rabbit-thingie did. This, it turned out, was still no safe haven. When the Decepticons attacked Zone, Cain was forced to leave that planet, joining the Autobots in pursuit of the Decepticons.

This took them to the planet Earth where Cain met a new friend, a young boy named Akira. He helped the Autobots to rescue Akira, and when the fighting was over admired the... beautiful scenery. What a wonderful world Earth was—almost as beautiful as Cain's lost home.

Zone comic


Wait. Emusa is BLACK?

Note: There isn't a major difference between the story of the anime version and the manga version.

Zone story pages

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • It is heavily implied that the relationship between Cain and Akira is a romantic one. So yes, that would make them gay.
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