Cab (キャブ Kyabu) is the hereditary prince of the Republic of Karin in the South Seas, but if he could have his way, he'd really rather not be. Cab has availed himself of the tropical nature of the Karin Islands to escape his responsibilities in the most extreme way possible, spending his days playing "wild boy" in the island jungle. Exposure to the evil of the Decepticons and a burgeoning friendship with Shūta Gō prompted Cab to join up with the Autobots and enter civilization, but like the saying goes: You can take the boy out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the boy. Brave to the point of stupidity, insufferably brash, and desperately caught up in a desire to appear mature while avoiding any of the actual responsibilities maturity entails, Cab doesn't tend to "play well" with others.

As an Autobot Headmaster Junior, Cab is bonded to a Transtector from the planet Master, which takes the form of a fire engine. Using his Masterbraces, he can summon a suit of armor that enhances his physical strength, speed and reflexes, which allows him to transform into a head for his Transtector and function as a full-size Transformer robot. Aside from these Transformer powers, Cab also possesses the remarkable ability to communicate with animals, and two of his best friends are an armadillo and a parrot that have accompanied him into the western world. True to his self-imposed jungle upbringing, Cab is also quite an accomplished survivalist, able to build long-term shelters, cook using natural materials, and skilfully wield a knife.

Italian dub name: Genio
Russian TV dub name: Griva (Грива) ("Mane")
English-Malay dub name: Hosehead


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Hiroko Emori (Japanese)
Cab spear

...Which does nothing.

Cab was in the midst of his usual jungle antics, tending to a wounded monkey, when his elderly guardian Donq excitedly approached him with a letter of acceptance from the International School of Japan. Cab had no desire to leave the island, but Donq was insistent that he be properly educated in preparation for his royal duties, and Cab angrily ran off into the jungle, where he was attacked by the Decepticon Dauros and a swarm of Seacons. The Autobots Metalhawk and Diver saw the Decepticons off, but when Donq refused to believe Cab's claim that he had seen the two Pretenders transform from humans into robots, the prince again ran off in anger. Cab was followed to a nearby beach by the Autobots' companion Shūta Gō, but Cab immediately attacked the boy, thinking that he too was a robot. Shūta was able to defuse the situation, although he couldn't hide his amusement at Cab's general lack of knowledge of western culture. Cab responded by showing off his own talents, translating the cawing of a bird as a message that the Decepticons had been spotted on the nearby "Isle of the Gods". Despite Shūta's pleas, Cab headed off to fight the Decepticons himself, only to be captured and imprisoned. The Autobots were able to follow Cab's trail to the island and defeat the Decepticons, proving their true nature to the young prince. Jealous of Shūta's friendship with the Autobots, Cab decided to attend the International School after all, so that he could travel to Japan and forge a bond with Shūta and the Pretenders himself. Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt

Cab armor

Hey, where'd the monkey go?

Rather than move into the school dormitory, Cab elected to build a treehouse in the woods surrounding the Autobot base, where he lived with his parrot and armadillo, despite Shūta's incredulous reaction to his completely technology-free homestead. Eager to aid the Autobots in their mission, he and Shūta joined them in travelling to Corsica, where they befriended an ambassador's daughter named Minerva, and saved her and her family from a Decepticon plot by fighting and defeating a Destroid with their bare hands. Kidnapping!? The Targeted Jumbo Jet Minerva proceeded to enroll in the International School alongside the two boys, and the trio's determination to help the Autobots prompted Metalhawk to make them a remarkable offer. Given Master-Braces and a Transtector, Cab and the others became Autobot Headmaster Junior warriors. Birth! Headmaster Jrs

Although the Juniors primarily performed rescue operations, with Cab handling fire extinguishing, they were sent to America to train with Diver for combat scenarios. As bad luck would have it, an attack by the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors on a nearby city occurred during their visit, and the team had to spring into action alone. Cab was able to interpret the barking of a dog to help Minerva find its buried owner, and then worked on his teamwork with Shūta by taking out a Lobclaw. Rage!! Little Devils with No Need for Rules

Correspondence from the Karin Islands came regularly for Cab, from a package of the islands' coconuts Panic! Protect the Wild Animals!! to a letter from Donq, which was delivered by the foppish Mr. Kaiser, Cab's most hated of all teachers. Donq had written to inform Cab that the Karin Islands were at last going to receive electricity, from a new tidal power plant being built on Viscas Island. Predictably, the plant became a target for the Decepticons, now joined by the powerful Godmaster brothers Hydra and Buster, who the Autobots were only just able to beat back. A Fierce Battle!! The Autobots Are in Trouble In answer to their prayers, the Autobots were soon joined by their own Godmaster, Ginrai, who Cab welcomed into their ranks with a feast of Karin Island's famous fire-pit cooking. Friend or Foe!? The True Form of the Monster!!

Cab fishing

I killed something!

The Juniors' summer vacation did not get off to a good start when Cab was caught peeping on the girls' swimming class towards the end of school, but things took an upward turn with the discovery of another Autobot Godmaster named Lightfoot. Lightfoot: A Dramatic Encounter The Juniors accompanied Metalhawk, Lander, Ginrai and Lightfoot on a camping trip into the Rocky Mountains, where Cab resolved to catch a massive king salmon and cook up a banquet for the group. He had little luck until the arrival of a forest patrolman named Ranger, who shared his special bait with Cab, allowing him to successfully make his catch. Availing himself of Ranger's offer to share his cabin when a storm struck that night, the Autobots discovered that the friendly patrolman was in fact the next Autobot Godmaster. An Enemy? The Third Godmaster, Ranger Cab and the other Juniors were later invited to France by Lightfoot to watch the finale of the World Grand Prix, and Cab severely geeked out in the presence of champion Road King, who he had sign his chest. Road King proved to be the fourth Autobot Godmaster. At Full Strength! The Four Godmaster Gunmen

Cab dance

He doesn't dare to be stupid, sadly.

As summer break drew towards a close, Cab took the other Juniors back to the Karin Islands. Unfortunately, Cab's return coincided with an outlandish Decepticon plot to kidnap doctors, leaving his sickly childhood friend Copo unable to receive treatment for her debilitating condition. Cab was able to help move Copo to the medical facility on Viscas Island while the united forces of the Autobot Godmasters rescued the doctors, allowing Copo to be healed, and the Juniors to properly enjoy their vacation. Save the Little Girl! The Chojin Warriors, the Godmasters Crazy Decepticon plans were still the order of the day when the Juniors returned to school to hear stories of a mysterious fortune-teller on television who predicted disasters across the planet. All the predictions soon came true and Cab and the other Juniors had to protect a town from a raging flood, only for it all to turn out to have been yet another Decepticon scheme. Expose the Decepticons' Dark Deception!

Cab transtector

Soon thereafter, Cab, Shūta and Minerva were at last let in on a secret the other Autobots had been keeping from them: the "Bomber Project", a plan to construct a power-up drone known as "Godbomber" for Ginrai to help him fight BlackZarak, a mighty Decepticon presently approaching from space. Super Ginrai Gets Blown Away in the Desert!? Shūta and Cab sparred with him a little to help him work through the pain of injuries caused by a recent battle with the Decepticon Overlord, God Ginrai - Into the Sky!! but they and other Autobots were able only to watch as Ginrai jetted into space and battled Overlord and BlackZarak on Earth's moon. God Ginrai – Showdown on the Surface of the Moon Ginrai ultimately prevailed, and, after his return to Earth, Godbomber even revealed a new power, transforming into a robot that Cab and the Juniors discovered they could combine their Chōkon Power to control. Destroy Godbomber!!

When the Autobots believed they had at last recruited the final Godmaster, a young man named Clouder, Cab and Shūta were somewhat suspicious of their new "teammate." Although Minerva and Ginrai brushed off their concerns, Metalhawk was not so dismissive, and eventually proved that Clouder was, in fact, a Decepticon double-agent. Secret Orders! Destroy the Autobot Base!! Unfortunately, Clouder had already supplied the Decepticons with information on the base, and had planted a series of bombs throughout the headquarters that crippled its defenses and injured Metalhawk. Cab, Shūta and Minerva were left to defend the base alone against a Decepticon onslaught, and were ultimately forced to abandon it before it was destroyed. Disaster! The Autobot Base Explodes

Ginrai juniors

"Let our powers combine!"

Soon after, BlackZarak returned and was able to reach the Earth, causing the conflict to escalate as cities all over the world were attacked. Cab then participated in an all-out attack on the Decepticon base, during which BlackZarak merged with the Decepticon emperor Devil Z. The Ultimate Combination!! BlackZarak, the New Lifeform. When the composite villain moved his base of operations into the Grand Canyon, the Autobots pursued, and Cab was part of a team along with Shūta, Minerva and Ranger who were attacked by King Poseidon. Cab and Shūta tried taking the combiner on directly, but the strategy proved unsuccessful, Autobots! Desperate Attack!! as did their attempt at a rematch in the Alps, where Metalhawk had to bail them out. Ginrai arrived to defeat the combiner, but Metalhawk and the Juniors were badly wounded and forced to remain behind as Ginrai headed to the summit of the Matterhorn to face BlackZarak. Malevolent and Inhuman! The True Form of Devil Z During the battle, BlackZarak transformed into an even more powerful serpent mode, but as Ginrai fought on, his burning spirit was felt by Cab, Minerva and Shūta. All three Juniors suddenly found themselves transported into his chest cockpit, where their energies helped him destroy BlackZarak. His host destroyed, Devil Z raged impotently until Ginrai and the Juniors united every last drop of their power in the Final Fire Guts attack, which completely destroyed the arch-villain. In the aftermath of the battle, the Autobots were all immediately enveloped in a glow and transformed from robots back into their human forms, now without their Masterbraces. Moments later, the truth of the situation was revealed: The death of Devil Z had caused their bond to their Transtectors to be severed. Their Transtectors, however, all lived on, evolved into true super-robot lifeforms through the power of their bond. Cab's Transtector departed for space with all the others to carry on the fight against the Decepticons. A Battle... and Then...

Comic continuity

Super-God Masterforce comic

Cab manga punch


When three monstrous, shadowy creatures attacked the Karin Islands, Cab was spoiling for a chance to fight them, only to be restrained by his guardian, Donq. A young boy, Shūta, appeared quite abruptly and joined in the effort to persude Cab to back down from the fight, but Cab responded by slugging Shūta one and telling the foreigner to keep out of it. Cab was promptly shocked into silence when the monstrous figures revealed themselves to be the Decepticon Pretenders and were engaged in battle by Shūta's Autobot friend, Metalhawk. As Metalhawk routed the Decepticons, Shūta explained the origins of the Pretenders to Cab, and promised to introduce the prince to the Autobot hero. Gods? Devils? The Pretenders

Back in Japan, Cab and Shūta attended the International School together and soon discovered that Metalhawk had recruited their classmate, Minerva. Metalhawk explained that the three kids were going to help fight the Decepticons, and after a period of intensive training, they were given Master-Braces and Transtectors and became Headmaster Juniors. Cab and Shūta immediately went joyriding in their Transtectors and ran into trouble when they encountered a Lobclaw Seacon, but Metalhawk saved them—though not without chastising them for their lack of teamwork. Headmaster Jrs Are Born

Cab manga

Where's my left arm?

During a later battle between Metalhawk and Blood, Metalhawk summoned the Headmaster Juniors to aid in the rescue effort in the surrounding city. Living in a treehouse in the forest around the Autobot base, Cab was able to head into action quite quickly, not having to sneak out of the International School dormitory like Shūta and Minerva. The three Juniors joined up and discovered that their foes were their opposite numbers, Decepticon Headmaster Juniors, whom they soundly defeated. Destined Confrontation - The Children of Good and Evil!

Cab and the Juniors soon met and befriended the Autobot Godmaster Ginrai, Enter on the Stage! The Name of the Savior Is Ginrai! and later travelled to the planet Athenia to see him be appointed Supreme Commander of the Autobots. The Battle Begins! The United Troops of Earth and Space Their relationship with Ginrai grew even stronger with the creation of Godbomber, a drone piloted by Cab, Shūta and Minerva, that combined with the Autobot leader and allowed him to defeat Overlord and BlackZarak. God Ginrai's Amazing Super-God Combination!

At one point, Cab and Shūta were captured by the Decepticons and tortured by Blood. Mega and Giga hoped that the two boys would join their twisted Decepticon family, but Shūta refuted the notion that the villains were any kind of family at all. Thankfully, they were rescued by Minerva and Ginrai, and as they recuperated, the boys laughed about how the two seemed to be filling the roles of their mother and father. The Earth Family of Good and Evil

In the final battle against BlackZarak, the villain turned on his fellow Decepticons, leading them to unite with the Autobots in defeating him. All of the Transformers boarded Grand Maximus and charged him with their energy before he crashed straight into BlackZarak, obliterating him and Devil Z. The death of Devil Z caused the bond between the humans and their Transtectors to be broken, and Cab became a normal kid again as his now-living Transtector and those of all the other Autobots headed into space to continue the fight against the Decepticons. The Birth of the Super Lifeforms

Victory comic

Cab victories

I got it back, but it's tiny now.

When a new Transformer war erupted on Earth, Cab and Shūta decided to check out the new Supreme Commander, Star Saber, thinking that he wasn't a patch on God Ginrai. They appeared in the middle of a battle between Star Saber and the Decepticons, lecturing the adopted human sons of the two faction leaders (Jean Minakaze of the Autobots and Solon Kitakaze of the Decepticons) on how much better Ginrai was. In mid-pontification, however, the boys were attacked by Dinoforce member Kakuryū. Star Saber swooped in to save them and hurled Kakuryū over a cliff, but as the Decepticon clawed at the edge of the crevice, Star Saver showed mercy and helped him back up. This was enough to convince Cab and Shūta that Star Saber was a good egg, and they cemented their friendship with Jean. Warrior of Love, Star Saber! Jean was later invited by the boys to Cab's treehouse, but that didn't turn out to be such a good idea, since Yokuryū smashed up the place and captured Jean. Watch Out, Jean! Hurry, Star Saber!

Cab and Shūta established themselves as members of Star Saber's Autobot warriors when they and Jean donned suits of armor to become a team known as the "Victories". Cab wore a suit based on the Brainmaster warrior, Laster. The Star of Friendship, Jean and Star Saber The Victories were soon joined by Jean's sister Patty (to whom both boys took a liking), The Strongest Combination, the Alliance of Reason and more surprisingly, by Solon, who betrayed the Decepticons when he learned his true heritage. With their team now completed, they were able to channel their power into their respective Autobot counterparts to form the Victory Blade attack, soundly thrashing Deathsaurus and Liokaiser in one blast. Shine! The Five Stars of Reason

Cab, Shūta and the other Victories were all aboard Galaxy Shuttle during the final battle between the Autobots and Deathsaurus's planet-destroying fortress. When the battle was done, they all boarded the fortress with the other Autobots and Decepticons and witnessed Deathsaurus's disclosure that the fortress contained all the Decepticons' wives and children. This revelation led to the laying down of Autobot and Decepticon arms and the beginning of a new age of peace. Cab and Shūta glomped Patty in happiness. Grand! The Great Victory War


Generation One

  • Carb [sic] (Headmaster Junior, 1988)
    • Japanese ID number: C-302
    • Accessories: Transtector vehicle, seat/helmet, "Anti-Fire Gun", left & right "laser pistols"
G1Hosehead toy

Not Hosehead.

"Carb"'s Transtector transforms into a red firetruck. The area between the cabin and the rear of the truck has a cockpit seat that the Headmaster Cab figure can sit in. The ladder base has a ratcheted joint, allowing it to rotate, while the ladder itself can extend out to 22cm in length and also has a movable compound nozzle. His two laser pistols can be attached to the sides of the vehicle, while his Anti-Fire Gun plugs into the ladder.
In robot mode, Cab's cockpit seat becomes a helmet, into which the laser pistols plug as antennae. Like all Headmaster toys, Cab's Transtector has a flip-down panel on his chest which covers a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives reads for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are activated when Cab (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket. Cab has the transtector's face plainly visible on his back because, as a smaller Headmaster toy, he lacks the flip down panel featured on larger Headmasters.
Cab shares a mold with the American Headmaster Hosehead. Unlike his fellow Headmaster Juniors, Cab features no apparent differences from his American counterpart.

Associated characters

Parrot & armadillo

Parrot and armadillo

Dull Surprise!

Cab's nameless pet parrot and armadillo accompanied him when he left the Karin Islands to join the Autobots in Japan. They proved quite at home in his treehouse in the forest, and quickly took a shine to Shūta and Minerva's company. They accompany Cab virtually everywhere he goes, including to school, but not into combat situations—because hey, they might be animals, but they're not dumb.

Parrot armadillo headon

Each animal has its own talents. The parrot is a very chatty, intelligent animal who speaks a fair bit of Japanese and often lets slip things that Cab would rather his friends not know about, like the fact he got a zero on a test. A Fierce Battle!! The Autobots Are in Trouble In contrast, the armadillo isn't particularly bright, but he's rather good at rolling up into a ball, and doesn't seem to mind at all when Shuta bounces him around like a soccer ball. Terror! The Decepticons' Manhunt To instruct the armadillo to either curl up or unfurl, the parrot will often squawk "Armadillo, transform!" and the armadillo will comply… even if he's halfway up a ladder at the time. A Fierce Battle!! The Autobots Are in Trouble The pair put their talents together to entertain the visiting Diver when the parrot landed on top of the rolled-up armadillo with a cry of "Head On!" A Powerful Foe!! Sixknight the Wanderer

Note: The parrot and armadillo even stole the final scene of the series, appearing in the unique final commercial bumper of "You Too Use the Masterforce to Transform".

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