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The CR Chamber is a device for medical treatment or adding new alt modes to the Transformers of various factions.

It is not a torture chamber.

It is Waspinator's best friend. It should technically be called a Waspinator Chamber...

The abbreviation "CR" varied from continuities as the following shows:

  • Beast Wars: Creation/Restoration[1][2]
  • Dreamwave: Cryonic Regeneration[3]
  • IDW: Cryogenic Regeneration[4]


Beast Wars


Total uses of the CR Chamber: Like, a zillion.

The CR Chamber, commonly also called the "Restoration Chamber," first made its appearance in this series. Both the Maximals and Predacons had their own versions of the devices in their respective ships. The Maximal chamber was an enclosed pod that the Transformer would sit in to be repaired, while the Predacon's Restoration Chamber was more of a dunk tank that the broken parts of the damaged robot would be unceremoniously dropped into on a tray. (This is not to be confused with Megatron's hot tub, however.)

The inclusion of the CR Chamber in Beast Wars was a necessary writer's invention, as the smaller cast on both sides needed a reliable explanation for the way they recovered from the massive amounts of damage that either side's members often took, including being dismembered, decapitated, crushed, and in at least one instance, almost completely incinerated. Despite this, the chamber's ability to heal injuries seemed to vary according to nothing more than plot convenience; Optimus Primal was out for only a few hours after being shot, while Airazor was incapacitated for several days after sustaining a similar injury.

Despite this marvel, there were still instances of Transformers being unable to be repaired, such as when Terrorsaur and Scorponok sank into hot lava never to be seen again, or when Optimus Primal's original body was vaporized in an explosion. The CR Chamber also cannot restore a spark that has been extinguished, such as Dinobot completely burning himself out. Also, the relevant parts of the Transformer in question must be collected and loaded into the Chamber--if the parts are unable to be retrieved, or nobody cares enough to collect their parts, the Transformer remains broken and essentially "dead".

Beast Machines

After returning to Cybertron, the last few Maximals were infected by Megatron's virus, with Rhinox and Silverbolt immediately incapacitated while Optimus, Rattrap, Cheetor and Blackarachnia were reverted to their original bodies and managed to escape. As the team reunited, Cheetor suggested finding a CR chamber to cure themselves, but it was later revealed that the entire planet's population had been infected with the virus and succumbed before a cure could be found, suggesting that the virus couldn't be cured by the CR chambers. After the remaining Maximals were reformatted into new Technorganic bodies, neither they or the Vehicons were shown using CR chambers, with the Vehicons simply building new drones to replace those lost and the Maximals evading serious damage by relying on hit-and-run tactics while their new bodies healed damage at a more natural rate.

Dreamwave comics continuity

IDW comics continuity


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