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CAT is your friendly guide through Griffin Rock Element Quest. Manifesting as a floating cat, CAT appears at various points in the game to impart helpful advice and provide status updated. CAT stands for "Character-Assist Technology"

"A winner is you!




Transformers: Rescue Bots

"A Virtual Disaster"

When Cody and Blades first started the game, CAT materialized to instruct them on the rules of the game. After lightning struck the Hall of Inspiration, causing the game to glitch, CAT was unable to let the pair end the game and reported that reality mode was locked. CAT announced a further malfunction when the Hall began to lose power. When the players eventually managed to complete the game, CAT appeared to congratulate them and end the game, releasing them back into reality.

"Back to Virtual Reality"

Following an upgrade, CAT guided Heatwave, Chief, Cody and Frankie through the new Air level, only for them to discover at the end that the upgrade included a virus planted by Dr. Morocco. As they fought the virus, at one point it unleashed a swarm of CATs, which mostly just took out the sharks that were chasing them.

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