The name or term Buzzsaw refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Buzzsaw (disambiguation).


When Soundwave has to gather information while on a planet, he turns to Buzzsaw. Buzzsaw is the second most reliable tool that Soundwave can use to gather information other than Soundwave himself. His usefulness is not limited to only gathering information. Buzzsaw is also part of an attack force controlled by Soundwave, and can hold his own against human armies using his agility and eye beams.


When Soundwave decided to take a personal look into the revival of Ravage, he used Buzzsaw to investigate the area where an unknown group of humans were attempting to extract and off-line Ravage. Giving Soundwave his report, Buzzsaw joined Rumble, Beastbox, and Ratbat in an attack on the humans. Despite the humans having the upper hand using suspiciously high-level weapons, Buzzsaw was almost able to avoid as much enemy fire as Ratbat and managed to burn a trio of humans with his eye beams. When Soundwave began to fight the Autobots who were present at the site, the humans pulled away as their mission was compromised. Soundwave decided to do the same and his minions retreated, but not before Buzzsaw flew toward Ravage with a strange mechanical component in its talons.

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