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This article is about the Beast Wars Predacon. For the Timelines Insecticon, see Buzzclaw (Timelines).

Buzzclaw is a savage, powerful Fuzor warrior, focused and stoically confident on the battlefield, immensely arrogant, condescending and boastful off it. Or so he seems. Few would guess that underneath that deadly, proud, snide exterior he is actually a horribly insecure wreck of a robot. Beneath the protective persona of lies he's wrapped himself in, Buzzclaw is full of crippling self-doubt and paranoia. He's convinced that everyone else is judging him at all times and finding him wanting. He tends to work alone and isolate himself from his comrades as another layer of protection against this feared rejection.


IDW Beast Wars comics

Know that my name is...wait, never mind.

Buzzclaw was among the protoforms remotely reprogrammed into Predacons by Magmatron. He was assigned to join Iguanus, Lazorbeak, Sky Shadow, and Jetstorm in hunting Razorbeast's Maximals. When Sky Shadow discovered the fugitive Maximals, Buzzclaw was among the Predacons who participated in the battle that ensued, where he tangled with Noctorro. After Magmatron was defeated, Buzzclaw presumably retreated with the rest of his comrades.

Buzzclaw was apparently killed fighting Rartorata. His claws were all that was identifiable when he (and a completely unidentifiable soldier) were disintegrated by Rartorata's Angolmois vomit. The Ascending issue 4



Beast Wars

  • Buzzclaw (Basic Fuzor, 1998)
Buzzclaw is a green, orange, and pink lizard-mantis Fuzor. His beast-mode foreclaws and wing-assembly can be used as a hand-held melee weapon, and his tail can be mounted on his arm as a shield.
He was later redecoed to make Universe Repugnus and Timelines Buzzclaw, Dirge, and the Virulent Clones (Though the original was the only use thus far to have the jaw assembled CORRECTLY).


  • Buzzclaw's toy bio states that he uses "ion discs", suggesting that he is Manterror reborn as a Fuzor. Either way, Manterror and Buzzclaw appear side by side in the IDW comics.

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