RIDGame Buzzclaw

Buzzclaw is the closest thing the Insecticons have to a medic, which given he has chainsaws for hands probably does not bode well for them. He can project a healing beam of energy that repairs the damage his allies have sustained in battle against the Autobots.


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Buzzclaw was one of the Decepticons aboard the Alchemor and was freed by Steeljaw. Using a cloning process, a small army of clones of Buzzclaw and many of his fellow Decepticons were created to battle the Autobots. The Autobots managed to find Buzzclaw himself lurking in the Rumbledome and managed to defeat him in battle, presumably sticking him back into a stasis pod, though his clones continued to vex them until they thwarted Steeljaw and Barrage's plan to build a space bridge.


  • Buzzclaw's name doesn't appear in the game itself, but was found by looking at the game files.
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