Buzzbomb is a Predacon from the Beast Era within the Generation One continuity family.

This is heavy.

Hardworking, unambitious, and dispassionate, Buzzbomb is Cryotek's ideal henchman. For years, he worked at a dock, working efficiently but drawing little attention, until he killed his foreman and the dock's security when Cryotek gave him an offer. Buzzbomb's new boss finds his blue-collar approach to crime refreshing. He'll break any limb or kill any target systematically, and without reservation, simply because it's his job. However, he's not very agile, nor particularly imaginative.

Note: Buzzbomb is not named in the cartoon he appears in; his name (and profile information) comes from his profile, published as Fun Publications member-only content.



No honor among thieves.

Buzzbomb accompanied Terrorsaur and Waspinator in their mission to secure a getaway ship so Megatron and crew could escape after stealing data on the location of the Golden Disc. However, Buzzbomb did not survive the assault on the Predacon hangar... having been shot in the back by Terrorsaur as part of Megatron's double-cross. Theft of the Golden Disk


  • The name "Buzzbomb" comes from Hasbro's old C.O.P.S. toyline.
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