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The name or term Buzzsaw refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Buzzsaw (disambiguation).

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Buzz Saw is a figure of mystery, feared and respected on both sides in the Beast Wars. He is seldom even glimpsed as he flies at extreme altitudes to gather vital recon information or to rain unexpected death down on the Maximals far below. Little do any of them realize that he is, in actuality, a complete and utter coward, and his long range tactics stem entirely from the fact that he is terrified of coming into direct contact with the enemy. On the occasions where he must appear on an actual battlefield he does his best to remain at the back of the lines, hiding as best he is able behind dozens of other attacking Predacons. Socially he's a bit of a gossip and rather prone to bragging, wanting everyone to know what a great job he did on his last mission.

Buzz Saw is equipped with boosters that make him capable of escaping planetary orbit and flying free in space.

At some point after the Beast Wars he returns to Cybertron and joins the Maximals in their fight against Megatron's Vehicons.

Note: The identification of Beast Machines Maximal Buzz Saw as the same character as the Beast Wars wasp stems from the fact that he was originally planned as a Predacon, until Hasbro decided more than two factions in the toyline would be confusing to kids. His bio still reflects this and talks about his conversion to the Maximals. Thus, as a Predacon wasp named Buzz Saw with the function "aerial recon" he would certainly have been the same bot. Hasbro has apparently confirmed this identification.

Pre-release names (Beast Machines): Mudobber, Sting


Timelines: Intimidation Game script reading[]

The Tripredacus agent Flamewar was held prisoner and interrogated by a group of Autobots and Maximals. However, this was actually a ruse perpetrated by Scourge and a group of Megatron followers, among them Buzz Saw (disguised as Obsidian). Intimidation Game

IDW Beast Wars comics[]

Buzz Saw was one of the protoforms on Earth reprogrammed into Predacons by Magmatron. He was sent to search for Razorbeast and his team of Maximals from the air by the recently revived Ravage. When Sky Shadow discovered the Maximals' lair, Buzz Saw was among the Predacons who participated in the battle that ensued. After being beaten by the Maximals and their newly arrived reinforcements, Buzz Saw presumably retreated along with the other Predacons. The Gathering

Beast Machines toy bio[]

Buzzsaw was saved from Megatron's virus by Rattrap, and has now become a part of the Maximal band fighting Megatron's rule over Cybertron.


Beast Wars[]

  • Buzz Saw (Deluxe, 1996)
    • Japanese ID number: D-9
A redeco of the original Waspinator mold, Buzz Saw transforms from a yellow jacket to a robot. The missile-launching gun stores in the beast-mode abdomen. Missiles for the gun store in the insect wings.
The Takara release of the mold is slightly different from the Hasbro version, using a darker purple plastic and replacing the lime-green plastic with a muted gray.
This mold was also retooled to make Dirgegun.
  • Howlinger vs Buzz Saw (Multi-pack, 1997)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-9
In Japan, Buzz Saw was also available in a two-pack with the Maximal Wolfang. The two-pack versions are identical to their individual releases.

Beast Machines[]

  • Buzzsaw (Basic, 2000)
Buzzsaw transforms into a technorganic wasp. His stinger/left arm is on a long flexible spring with a string "spine", letting it bend freely. It also opens up to form a claw with extending needle. It's worth noting that Buzzsaw is one of the few flying-insect Transformers whose bug-wings don't just hang off him as kibble, instead forming his robot-mode legs.


  • Buzz Saw's comic appearance shows him with his "normal" head when in robot mode. This is most likely to make him look different from Waspinator, who is usually depicted with his mutant head.
  • The Beast Wars incarnation of Buzz Saw served as the inspiration for the homage-character Buzzsaw from the Cybertron series.

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