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I want to show you some simple self-defense moves . . . simple, and really silly-looking.

Roadhandler is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation 1 continuity family.

His name is Roadhandler, and he's the main spokesbot for the Micromaster Race Car Patrol, and he's here today to tell you that Micromasters are just as tough a bunch of Autobot warriors as any of the big boys. If any of you Decepticons aren't willing to believe that, then he's here to teach you a lesson, and what this lesson's going to be, is that Roadhandler's going to lay the smackdown on you. He's going to smack you down, and when he's done you'll know that his micro size has the power to surprise. He'll surprise you all, and any of you soft-hearted leaders can just go home to your momma-bots, because Roadhandler's in it to win it, and he's not going to pull punches just because you're threatening to cry about it. So go home and cry, and don't you tell Roadhandler to go back on his Micromaster buddies, either, because Roadhandler is a bot pounding machine who knows who his friends are. Stay in school, kids, and don't do drugs!

French-Canadian name: Grappin


Marvel Comics continuity

(Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.)



As leader of the Micromaster Race Car Patrol, Roadhandler was assigned to plant mines which would destroy a Decepticon installation. The purpose of this mission was to stop the Decepticons' experimentation on their fellow Autobot Micromasters in the Battle Patrol. Roadhandler's orders did not permit him to attempt to rescue the Battle Patrol, who were considered a lost cause. Roadhandler disobeyed his orders and liberated his comrades, earning the respect of and an apology from his commander, Xaaron.

When the Race Car Patrol and Off Road Patrol were dispatched to Earth in response to Optimus Prime's request for reinforcements, Optimus was dismayed by their small size. Offended, Roadhandler explained that the Micromasters had downsized to conserve energy, and would be tough enough to face any Decepticon. For their first terrestrial mission, the Micromasters were assigned to investigate strange Decepticon activities; these proved to be part of an energy-collecting mission which would have destroyed most of New York City. Roadhandler prevented the Decepticon Iguanus from completing the vital final step of the procedure, befriending Cecilia Santiago in the process. King 'Con!


Autobot 3:16

In repayment for Cecilia's help, Roadhandler was obligated to appear on her television talk show. In a brief interview, Roadhandler denounced Optimus Prime as out of touch, and noted that Prime had always failed to do what Roadhandler had accomplished in only a few weeks; earning the respect and trust of humans. Roadhandler's fellow guest Jake "The Jackhammer" Jackson, a professional wrestler, used the show to issue a challenge to Roadhandler to a wrestling match. Although this challenge was clearly meant as a publicity stunt, Roadhandler used the opportunity to grant himself a new forum with which to demonstrate Autobot virtues to a larger human audience. Roadhandler became an instant celebrity, complete with his own adoring fan club. Decepticon leader Lord Zarak decided to sully Roadhandler's image by forcing him to throw a fight with Storm Cloud, and held members of Roadhander's fan club hostage to ensure his compliance. Once the humans were freed by Roadhandler's fellow Autobots, Roadhandler's victory over Storm Cloud earned him even more adulation from the humans; but what had happened to his fans proved to him that no human who had befriended an Autobot could ever be safe. To distance the humans from himself, Roadhandler made a speech in which he seemed to denounce humanity. He and his fellow Micromasters then left for new adventures in parts unknown. The Interplanetary Wrestling Championship!

Later, after Roadhandler and his Patrol accompanied Optimus Prime on a mission to retrieve vital battle plans from Chainclaw, who was serving as a courier. When Chainclaw was intercepted and captured by the Decepticon Doubledealer, Optimus Prime prevented Roadhandler from opening fire. Roadhandler argued that Chainclaw's situation was hopeless, meaning that his life could be forfeit to protect Autobot secrets; Optimus Prime disagreed, saying that an Autobot must always consider other options.

Zone OAV


Roadhandler was one of the numerous Micromasters who helped defend Planet Zone from the Nine Great Destron Generals. Unfortunately, they were not able to prevent Overlord from stealing the planet's Zodiac energy capsule.

It should be noted that in this continuity, the Micromasters are very childlike in nature, and virtually all of them are Autobots. As such, it's unlikely Roadhandler had the same attitude problem he displays in the English-language comics.

Dreamwave comics continuity


Apparently older and tougher than most Micromasters, Roadhandler enjoyed a certain position of authority. When Big Daddy threatened to lead a Micromaster exodus from the Autobots, Roadhandler encouraged him to make sure he did the right thing. This, for some reason, involved a race.


Generation 1

  • Race Car Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
Japanese ID number: C-334
Roadhandler transforms into a red Trans Am.


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