Butch is a human child who lives in Crown City. He plays football with Russell and Hank.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 1

Butch made his first appearance in More than Meets the Eye. Butch was playing football with Hank and the other kids when Russell came in. Butch recognized him as the kid who lived in the scrapyard and invited Russell to play in the game. Butch introduced Russell to Hank and told him that her real name was Henrietta. Hank ribbed him with the football and claimed that his real name is Cynthia. Despite losing the first game, the trio managed to beat their opponents in the rematch.

In One of Our Mini-Cons Is Missing, Butch threw Russell a football that went above Russell's height, which Butch hassled him for not catching it. However, Russell stood up to Butch by stating he threw it too high for him to catch. As Russell stands up for himself, Hank was by his side as he told Butch. Butch realized it was a bad throw and promised the next one would be perfect before they played. 

Season 2

Butch was at the carnival when Grimlock dropped in accidentally in Impounded.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Butch is voiced by Will Friedle, who also voices Bumblebee. So in a way, it's like Russell is talking with Bumblebee and Butch only they're different characters.


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