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The Burns Family is a family of humans allied with Rescue Force Sigma-17, an arrangement initially orchestrated by Optimus Prime. Most of its known members are trained as rescue personnel, but even those that haven't received this training have been valuable allies to the Rescue Bots. They live on the island of Griffin Rock, which is off the coast of Maine.



  • Chief Charlie Burns: Griffin Rock's Chief of Police and the apparently widowed patriarch of the Burns family. He is partnered with Chase, who serves as his police car when they are on duty.
  • Kade Burns: Griffin Rock's resident firefighter and Charlie Burns' oldest son. He is partnered with Heatwave, the Rescue Bots' leader, and the two enjoy a somewhat antagonistic friendship.
  • Dani Burns: the only woman in the Burns family and their resident helicopter pilot. She is partnered with Blades, though their relationship is often teasing due to Blades' fear of flying as opposed to Dani's enthusiasm for it.
  • Graham Burns: the Burns Family engineer and partner to Boulder. Unlike his fellow adult siblings, Graham enjoys a friendship with his Rescue Bot partner that doesn't involve any teasing or antagonism.
  • Cody Burns: the youngest of the Burns siblings, who usually works as a phone operator and dispatcher for the rescue team. Despite not having his own Rescue Bot partner, Cody is close with all of the Rescue Bots and has played an instrumental role in helping them adjust to life on Earth.
  • Woodrow "Woody" Burns: Charlie's younger brother and an explorer who has joined in their adventures with the Rescue Bots on several occasions.


Main Enemies

  • Dr. Thaddeus Morocco: a villainous scientist from the 1900s and a frequent opponent of the Rescue Bots who is presumably a member of MECH. Morocco was best friends with Jules Verne, who shared with him a prototype of his special Verne Device. While Verne used it to travel through time, Morocco discovered more sinister uses for it, such as rejuvenating his body to its youthful state and erasing the memories of others. An adept at robotics and other technologies, his innovations also included a number of machines and even the MorBots, transforming robots initially intended to replace the Rescue Bots on Griffin Rock. He eventually had his memories erased so that he remembered his friendship with Verne but not his evil ambitions, and was taken to live in a utopian future.
  • Madeline Pynch: a wealthy businesswoman who seeks to increase her own wealth and fortune by any means, regardless of the legal or moral implications. This has led her to clash with the Rescue Bots and the Burnses, as well as to a brief partnership with Dr. Morocco.
  • Priscilla Pynch: Madeline's spoiled daughter who seems ignorant of her mother's criminal operations but is not above imitating her amoral lifestyle. Priscilla is roughly the same age as Cody and Frankie, and thus clashes with them more often than with the adult Burnses or the Rescue Bots.