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Burns Ball is a game made up by the Burns family, with the help of the Rescue Bots. The exact rules are unknown, but it appears to be based heavily on basketball.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Rescue Bots Academy"

Dani stood in front of the hoop and called a trick shot, which involved throwing the ball over the hoop, bouncing it off Blades' canopy, and back into the basket. Graham and Kade expressed doubts, but Chief Burns had faith in her abilities. When she threw the ball, however, Blades flinched, causing her shot to go awry, surprising the Chief. Cody chased the errant ball over to where Blurr was watching from around a corner. When Blurr asked the name of the game, Cody told him, along with the explanation that his family "just kind of made it up," with the bots' help. When invited to join, Blurr declined.

"Vanishing Returns"

Cody attempted to find someone to play Burns Ball with, but everyone was busy with other things.

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