Burning Heart Below Freezing is the third episode of Beast Wars Neo. It first aired in Japan on February 17, 1999 on TV Tokyo.



The Maximals locate the next Angolmois capsule on a frozen planet. Break goes on a solo mission to search for the capsule and meets up with a friendly creature who might have more to do with the planet's freezing than he thinks.


The Maximals locate the next Angolmois capsule on the planet Solid; a warm, tropical planet, as NAVI describes it. They warp to their destination with the Predacons trailing behind them. Upon arrival, they discover that the presence of the Angolmois capsule has turned the planet to ice! The only one who seems to be thrilled about this is Break, as he relishes freezing temperatures. Big Convoy and the team head down to the planet's surface to investigate, much to the dismay of the other Maximals. Big Convoy informs the team to split-up into two parties. Unfortunately, all the other Maximals have frozen solid in the cold, so he sends Break out alone. The Predacons also arrive on the planet and begin the search for the capsule. Elsewhere, a strange animal laments over his brother, frozen in ice, not knowing that the thing stuck to his tail happens to be the Angolmois capsule. Ice-skating without a care in the world, Break accidentally crashes into the creature and knocks himself out. The Maximals, now defrosted, continue their search for the capsule when they are ambushed by a team of Predacons who bury them in an avalanche. The Maximals dig themselves out and attempt to contact Break. Break does not respond, as his radio was broken when he crashed into the creature. The Maximals fear the worst and search for Break as well. Meanwhile, Break introduces himself to the alien creature named Gomya. Apparently, Gomya was arguing with his older brother, Domya, during a swimming lesson when the capsule landed and froze the planet; his brother with it. While Gomya is talking, Break realizes that the capsule is stuck to his tail. Out of nowhere, Dead End arrives and attacks the pair. Break shields Gomya from Dead End's blasts, but Dead End's "Spiral Bomb" breaks the ice beneath them and the two plummet into the water. Just then, Dead End notices the Angolmois capsule dislodge from Gomya's tail and dives in after them. Gomya sinks like a rock and Break must decide which is more important: the capsule or Gomya? Break chooses Gomya while Dead End nabs the capsule. Inspired by the image of his brother frozen in ice, Gomya finally learns to swim. Apparently, the capsule had been reacting to Gomya's heart the whole time. When Gomya had argued with his brother, his heart turned cold and froze the planet. But now that he's swimming for the sake of his brother and friends, his heart turns to fire and the planet defrosts. Gomya makes amends with his now-unfrozen brother, but Dead End is too far away for Break to catch him. Luckily, Big Convoy and the rest of the team show up in the nick of time and shoot the capsule from Dead End's tentacles. Back on the Gung Ho, Longrack berates Break for nearly letting the capsule go. Before Break can apologize, Vector Sigma speaks through Big Convoy and tells him he did the right thing.


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