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Galvatron and his army are back! But the rest of the Autobot Godmasters show up with secret equipment.

Japanese title: "燃やせ、超魂!新司令官スーパージンライ!"


Ginrai leads the Autobots and is ready to stop an unknown evil plan of the Decepticons.

After a while, they see something is approaching them. What they see shocks them with panic: Galvatron (G1), who was believed dead, and other legendary Decepticons, who haven't been seen in a long time. Ginrai and Metalhawk are stunned by what they see, then King Poseidon appears from behind. The Autobots are completely surrounded by the Decepticons and have no idea what to do. In the nick of time, Lightfoot, who drives his car hauling a container, shows up with Ranger and Road King. After Lightfoot tells him to combine with it, Ginrai performs "Double On" on the container to become Super Ginrai right.

Ginrai beats up the Decepticons with his Chōkon Power. He smashes the legendary Decepticons by summoning the Tenchōkon power, the energy from the Universe. Then he roasts King Poseidon with the Chichōkon power, the energy magma. He finishes King Poseidon with Super Fire Guts by using the Jinchōkon power in the end.

Turtler manages to survive and goes back to report about the incident. It turn out that the legendary Decepticons were just holographic images used to confuse the Autobots. Buster asks Giga if there are any available troops. Giga tells him they must wait for Devil Z's order.


Featured characters

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Items of note

  • None of the Autobots find out those legendary Decepticons are just holographic images, even if all those Decepticons did was just stand there.
  • Lightfoot's car can haul Ginrai's container? Wow.
  • Lightfoot tells Ginrai that he would be the greatest Godmaster in the universe. "Well."
  • After being hit by Ginrai's Tenchōkon power, the Decepticon holographic images all become weird screaming images.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Super Fire Guts (Super Ginrai)
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