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The Burger King is a human in the Generation One continuity family.
Burger king

I'm pretty sure this is what Pretender shells would look like in real life.

Little is known of the Burger King, even the nation he rules over is a mystery. However, his ruthless business acumen has built him a corporate empire with a presence in virtually every nation on Earth. The Burger King can appear at any time or place promoting his self-titled restaurant chain, and he may be a workaholic.

Since the 1980s, a treaty has existed between the Burger King and the US Army and Air Force Exchange Service that resulted in Burger King restaurants in every major Army and Air Force installation, including Sector 7 headquarters. The Burger King is a staunch ally of the United States government, and a participant in the Hungry Dragon 2 disinformation campaign to cover up the Transformers' presence on Earth.

Despite being an ally for the government, his restaurant can transform into the Decepticon logo.

Hungry Dragon 2

The Burger King restaurant chain is co-branding with the 2007 Transformers film to create:

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Transformers six pack

The Transformers six pack was a Burger King meal, made for the Revenge of the fallen movie. As the name says, there are six burgers in one package.

The commercial for the meal was about two guys. One of them saw there was taken a bite out of one of his burgers. The other guy says that it was not him, but the washing machine, whose door transformed into a gaint claw. The last part of the commercial shows Devastator, creating a vortex, but then with washing machine sounds.

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