Bumblebee generally tends to prefer a modicum of subtlety in his battle tactics; he's a scout, after all, built for speed and evasion rather than firepower. He realizes, however, that at the end of the day, there are some problems that can't be outrun or evaded, only met head on and blown into itty-bitty pieces through an overwhelming application of force. When problems like that arise, Bumblebee mounts up in the Bumblebee Battle Suit and strides into battle, blasting enemies to smithereens with the suit's array of cannons and missiles.



  • Bumblebee Battle Suit (Cyberverse Vehicle, 2012)
    • Series / Number: 2 / 003
    • Accessories: Large missile-firing blaster, missile, small double-barreled blaster
Part of the second wave of Prime Series 2 Cyberverse Vehicle playsets, the Bumblebee Battle Suit is a large, vaguely humanoid combat suit with articulation at the hips, elbows, and shoulders (although the shoulders only rotate laterally, not forward and backward, making their use rather limited). The cockpit in the torso can hold a single Cyberverse figure.
The suit has 5mm post-compatible fists for holding the included missile-firing blaster, and they can rotated around to reveal molded, non-firing cannon barrels. The suit is also festooned with numerous C joint bars, as well as both 3mm and 5mm holes, for mounting all sorts of additional weaponry.
The Bumblebee Battle Suit transforms into a rolling battle station, not dissimilar to the one Optimus Maximus becomes (though the Battle Suit's transformation is more involved). In this mode, two additional (non-firing) cannon barrels rotate up and over the suit's shoulders, and a platform is flipped up from behind the suit to provide a place for two additional Cyberverse figures to stand and hold onto handlebars mounted on the suit's back. The transformation also allows the C joint clips and bars on the outer sides of the suit's split treads/legs to be used for connecting to other Cyberverse playsets, while revealing another 5mm hole that was previously located inside the suit's cockpit; the missile-firing blaster can be mounted in this hole and "manned" by a Cyberverse figure holding the handlebars on the back of the gun.
The playset additionally comes with an "Energon Booster", a translucent-blue blaster that's attached to a wire leading to the suit's back. It features a 5mm post and three 3mm posts, as well as a 3mm hole at its barrel tip. When a button at the top is pressed, a green LED lights up within its housing. It can slide into the back of either of the suit's arm cannons, or attach to Bumblebee's own weapon, but it primarily plugs into the back of the large blaster. In this latter configuration, the light-up feature can be left on by pegging the button into two tabs present at the back of the large blaster, and while this is meant to light up the translucent plastic at its tip, it doesn't actually work very well in practice due to the LED being obscured by surrounding yellow plastic of the large blaster. When not in use, the booster can plug into the back of a translucent panel at the top of the suit, and a pair of molded plastic ridges on the back of the suit provide a place to coil the booster's wire.
In order for the suit to fit in its packaging, it is minimally mis-transformed, with the front treads that make up part of its feet not being flipped out and tabbed into slots on the rear treads. Unusually, the front treads have even been sculpted with dents to accommodate the rear treads while in this mis-transformed position.
Included with the Bumblebee Battle Suit is a redeco of the Legion Class Bumblebee toy, as well as a light-blue version of that toy's double-barreled blaster. The suit was later redecoed and retooled into the Prime: Beast Hunters Series 3 Cyberverse Apex Hunter Armor with Breakdown.
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