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The name Bumblebee can refer to several different characters:

  • Bumblebee, the white backstabber from Animated Shattered Glass.
  • Bumblebee, the spring-loaded kid-appeal car from the Bot Shots board game.
  • Bumblebee, the yellow kid-appeal Autobot car and jet from Construct-Bots.
  • Bumblebee, the yellow Autobot-Wrestler from Battle Masters.
  • Bumblebee, the former Energon scrounger now Autobot

"Bumblebee" is also the translation for Waspinator's French name in Canada: Bourdon.

Bumblebee should not be confused with:

  • Bumper, the yellow nobody who is not Bumblebee and is definitely not...
  • Wasp, the green character with Bumblebee's stingers and alt modes. Not very kid appeal.
  • Glyph, the other, other, green Bumblebee like character seen in crowds along with other unnamed Animated Bumblebee redecos.
  • BB, whose name probably doesn't stand for the abbreviation of "Bumblebee". He is not yellow, either.
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