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Bumblebee is an Autobot from the Movie continuity family. He is also known as N.B.E.-02 and Satan's Camaro.

"Groovy, bee-otch!"

Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenants. Although he is not the strongest or most powerful of the Autobots, Bumblebee more than makes up for this with a bottomless well of pluck, determination and bravery. He would gladly give his life to protect others and stop the Decepticons.

Badly damaged in a conflict with Megatron, Bumblebee lost the ability to speak verbally, though he can still communicate over inter-Autobot frequencies (in a fashion that seems somewhat akin to instant messaging, a useable but more distant and less personal means of interaction).


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IDW The Official Movie Prequel comics

Bumblebee commanded the Autobot forces at Tyger Pax attempting to hold the Decepticons off while the All Spark was launched off-planet. He succeeded, but Megatron crushed his voice box, and he lost his ability to speak in the process. Ratchet has been having trouble fixing it ever since. Later he was the first to track the All Spark to Earth, where he learned to express his emotions by tuning in appropriately emotive music on his car radio. Awww...

Ghosts of Yesterday prequel novel

In-between Tyger Pax and his arrival on Earth Bumblebee and the rest of the Ark crew encountered some humans in deep space and got their first clues to where Megatron and the All Spark rest.

Transformers (2007 film)

Voice actor: Mark Ryan

The old and the new.

Bumblebee is Sam Witwicky's first car. Sam's father promised his son a car if Sam paid half of the money and achieved three 'A's in school. After doing so with the help of his genealogy project, his father and Sam drove to the car lot with the exceedingly long name, where among the automobiles was Bumblebee, in his '75 Camaro car mode. To prevent Sam from choosing any other car, he destroyed the windows of every other car in the lot, leaving Bobby with no choice but to sell Bumblebee to the Witwickys.

A Transforming car? Thats just crazy!

The next day Sam and his friend Miles drove Bumblebee down to the lake in a misguided attempt to impress the popular girls at a party. Observing the exchange of thinly-veiled insults between Sam and the football jocks, Bumblebee decided to help out Sam when he noticed Mikaela Banes walking home after a falling out with her now ex-boyfriend. Playing 'Drive' on his radio, Sam was inspired to kick Miles out of Bumblebee and drive Mikaela home. As the two awkwardly chatted, Bumblebee suddenly turned off his engine as they neared a romantic spot overlooking the city, playing 'Sexual Healing' and 'I Feel Good'. However Sam, not knowing his car has a mind of its own, misinterpreted this as a break-down. Mikaela attempted to fix Bumblebee with her mechanical know-how, only to leave after Sam asked her why she tolerated jerks like her ex-boyfriend. Trying to help as much as he could, Bumblebee allowed Sam to start up his engine as she walked away, this time playing 'Baby Come Back'. Arriving at Mikaela's house, Sam advanced a step towards her by stating that he doesn't believe her to be shallow at all. After she leaves, Sam quietly said to himself "I love my car."

Later that night, Bumblebee drove off by himself with Sam in hot pursuit, believing it to be a car theft. Unwittingly leading his human owner to a junkyard, Bumblebee transformed and activated his communications beacon requesting assistance from Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. Unknown to him, Sam had seen his robot form and ran off, now being being pursued by two dogs guarding the junkyard. Bumblebee came to Sam's aid, scaring off the dogs but had to escape when the police (that Sam had previously summoned when Bumblebee drove away from his house) arrived to arrest Sam for breaking-in the junkyard.

Need for speed!

The next day Bumblebee drove back to the Witwicky house sometime after Sam had been released from jail by the police. Frightened and confused, Sam rode away from what he dubbed 'Satan's Camaro', ending up in the city and encountering Mikaela in front of a Burger King. Bumblebee followed Sam towards an industrial area, not realizing that the Decepticon Barricade was stalking the boy, intent on finding Captain Witwicky's glasses. Sam ran away from the attacking Decepticon and almost literally ran back into Mikaela after she had followed him. As Barricade bore down on the pair, Bumblebee suddenly appeared, knocking the Decepticon off his feet, then drove the humans away as Barricade gave chase.


Racing through dilapidated factories and warehouses, Bumblebee eventually arrived at a deserted chemical plant on the outskirts of town, where he waited until Barricade's back was turned before dumping Sam and Mikaela out of his passenger side door then transforming into robot mode to protect his friends. Barricade transformed and attacked, hitting Bumblebee with his tire spikes and knocking the Autobot into a chemical tank. In retaliation, Bumblebee grabbed Barricade and threw him into a electrical substation, seriously damaging the Decepticon and putting him into stasis lock. After Sam and Mikaela took care of Frenzy, Bumblebee introduced himself to them entirely through the use of his radio, explaining that it was the only way he could communicate, that he was an alien from 'the heavens' and that Sam witnessed him calling to his friends the previous night. Transforming back into vehicle mode, Bumblebee invited his friends to enter (after a moment's hesitation they did) and began to drive them to nearby Griffith Observatory.

On the way, Mikaela (who had refused to sit in the driver's seat as Bumblebee was driving), rhetorically asked Sam that if Bumblebee was a super-advanced robot, why did he turn into a piece of crap Camaro? Mildly insulted, Bumblebee stopped in the middle of a packed tunnel and forced the humans out, then drove away. As Sam lamented the fact that "four thousand dollars just drove away", Bumblebee passed another car and scanned it, driving back to his owner as a sleek and shiny 2009 Camaro. Amazed and impressed, Sam and Mikaela got back in and Bumblebee continued their journey to the observatory. Arriving, the humans observed as the other Autobots entered the Earth's atmosphere and crashed landed in various parts of the city.

Still think I'm a piece of crap, lady?

Bumblebee then took his friends to a secluded alleyway where Sam and Mikaela meet the Autobots. Introducing themselves, Sam learned that Bumblebee was his guardian and that the Autobot's vocal processors were damaged in battle, Ratchet was still working on them as he fired a regenerative plasma beam [1] at the damaged area. Optimus Prime explained that their mission was to find the All Spark, and that Sam Witwicky was the key due to his grandfather discovering Megatron on his arctic voyage.

I may be your guardian, but I will not carry you through a crowd to the music of Whitney Houston.

Arriving at the Witwicky residence, Bumblebee attempted to convince his comrades to remain out of sight while Sam was talking to his father. When Sam and Mikaela were captured by Sector Seven, Bumblebee helped rescue them, eventually releasing lubricant on Reggie Simmons. Soon, Sector Seven reinforcements arrived, intent on recapturing the kids and any 'N.B.E.s' they could get their hands on. Optimus Prime tried to protect Sam and Mikaela as they hid under a bridge, but both almost fell to their deaths when they slipped. Bumblebee raced forward, transforming and catching them in mid-air. Unfortunately, this also gave Sector Seven a clear and obvious target for them to attack. Firing harpoon cables from helicopters, the clandestine human organization dragged Bumblebee to the ground as their soldiers began to freeze the helpless Autobot who reached out to Sam. The boy broke free from an agent's grip, pushing the soldiers away until he was tackled by several agents and taken away. Though Jazz objected to allowing Sector Seven to leave with their friend, Optimus Prime ordered his men to stand down, as there was no way to save them without incurring human casualties.

Also available in pocket size.

Taken to Hoover Dam, Bumblebee was continually doused with cryoblasts to keep him docile and inert as Sector Seven performed experiments on him. Sam and Mikaela (with some armed persuasion from Captain Lennox) convinced Sector Seven to release Bumblebee. Upon his release, Bumblebee converted to battle mode and almost lashed out at his human oppressors until Sam calmed him down, informing him of the presence of the All Spark and Megatron in the facility, and that the Decepticons were coming for both. Following the humans to the All Spark's chamber, Bumblebee hesitantly reached out to the life source of his people and reformatted it, shrinking the cube until it was the size that the humans could manipulate. Bumblebee and a military escort fled to Mission City, meeting the Autobots en route.

After arriving at the city, Starscream soon appeared. Recognizing the Decepticon, Ironhide and Bumblebee picked up a discarded truck in order to shield the humans from any collateral Starscream's attack would inevitably bring. One of the Decepticon's missiles struck the truck, sending both Autobots flying, with Bumblebee landing in a store front. Crawling out, Sam discovered to his horror that Bumblebee's legs had been crippled and he was barely functional. Soon, the other Decepticons arrived, led by Megatron and the remaining Autobots were engaged. Mikaela and Sam hoisted Bumblebee onto a abandoned tow truck, but refused to leave Bumblebee's side. The Autobot silently handed his friend the All Spark, trusting the fate of his people into the boy's hands and urged him to run while he still could. As Sam ran away Mikaela drove Bumblebee away from the battle to relative safety.

Yay! Lego!

However, she was soon overcome with guilt for leaving Sam and the battle. She looked at Bumblebee, who gave a nod of agreement, then turned the truck around and headed back in. As Mikaela drove down the street in reverse, Bumblebee activated his weapon systems, then fired his plasma cannon and missiles at Devastator, who was pinning down Captain Lennox and the rest of the combined Ranger/Sector Seven soldiers. His contribution was the deciding factor, confusing Devastator enough for the soldiers to counter attack, and the Decepticon was finally destroyed when Bumblebee's final cannon blast pierced his spark. Bumblebee was rather pleased with himself, and Mikaela complimented his shooting.

After the destruction of Megatron and the All Spark, Bumblebee (who had regained his voice [2]) requested permission to remain with Sam, to which the young man agreed. After his legs were repaired, he allowed Sam and Mikaela to make out on top of him, as the other Autobots watched.

It was the best day ever.


Transformers (2007)

  • Bumblebee (Deluxe, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MA-03

These used cars are fully loaded!

Movie Bumblebee transforms into a yellow 1976 Chevrolet Camaro with a quite reasonable level of sculpted detail. In contrast to the other Deluxe-class car Transformers in the Movie toyline, he does not have clear windows, instead opting for opaque yellow plastic with painted metallic blue.

Never seen so much translucent plastic in all my life.

In robot mode, Bumblebee does not quite accurately replicate his movie appearance due to his chest remaining mostly unchanged and the sparse yellow paint applications render his limbs largely colorless. Due to the extensive use of ball joints, he features an excellent range of articulation. Unusually for an all-new sculpt in the Movie toyline, he features traditional-styled fists with 5mm holes. Bumblebee is armed with two shoulder-mounted spring-loaded missile launchers (inspired by the shoulder-mounted missiles launchers he uses to fight Brawl/Devastator in the movie, even tough he is in his 08 Camaro mold at this point), which also double as hand-held weapons or can be mounted on ports on the undersides of his elbows. His legs and chest Automorph during transformation. Press the button or you'll break him. Seriously.
Packaging photos and early test shots of Bumblebee featured transparent blue plastic windows and missile parts. However, the final Hasbro production toy has opaque yellow plastic. The Japanese TakaraTomy release of Bumblebee retains the transparent blue plastic parts.
  • Bumblebee (Cyber Slammer, 2007)

A Battlecharger for the new millennium.

Bumblebee, like other Cyber Slammers, has motorized action. When you push down on the car, it zooms forward and slowly pops into robot mode! Sure to please the toddler you brought with you to the PG-13 movie.
  • Bumblebee vs. Barricade: First Encounter (Multi-pack, 2007)

"Go ahead, make my day!"

This battle pack contains the 1976 Camaro deluxe-class Bumblebee and the deluxe-class Barricade figures, based upon their confrontation as seen in the movie. The box features a diorama-style background from a movie scene, but toys themselves are unchanged from their original carded releases.
  • Bumblebee (Legends, 2007)

It's 4 bucks. Whatcha gonna do?

Legends Bumblebee transforms into a yellow 1976 Camaro. Being a highly simplified toy of a highly complex design, Legends-class Bumblebee does not replicate the appearance of the robot mode very well, and has very limited articulation, detail and paint application.
  • Bumblebee (Cyber Stompin' Robots, 2007)

These boots were made for -- you know the rest.

Cyber Stompin' Robots Bee's got electronic lights and sounds up the whazzoo, and fires missiles and a fist. He totally plays the original theme song.
  • Bumblebee (Camaro Concept) (Deluxe, 2007)
Japanese ID number: MA-10

Good luck finding me for less than $50.

The second Deluxe class Bumblebee toy transforms into the concept vehicle for the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro. Maintaining the high standard for car accuracy in the movie line, Bumblebee is very faithful to the real-life vehicle, featuring clear blue windows in contrast to the opaque windows seen in both his previous Deluxe class toy and the Ultimate Bumblebee toy.
Bumblebee features two Automorphing gimmicks during transformation: (a) swinging his hood down into robot mode position also moves his arms up and (b), swinging his feet down will move the rear fenders up and behind his calves, as well as swinging the rear windows to his inner calves in a spring-loaded action. Unusually, this version of Bumblebee is much more accurate to the CGI design than either the older-model deluxe OR the Ultimate figures, with the chest properly articulating in a fairly Movie-accurate manner. He's also slightly taller than most of the other Deluxe class figures, which makes Jazz very sad.
Bumblebee features a superb range of articulation, with ball joints in his shoulders, neck, torso, wrists and upper legs, with ratcheting and swivels making up the remaining joints. Instead of the rather inaccurate missile launchers from the 1976 Camaro toy, 09 Bumblebee comes with a mostly accurate version of his plasma cannon as it appears in the movie, but for added play value can Automorph into an energy blade by opening up the halves of the gun barrel and swinging them back. The cannon can be held in either of his hands.
Care should be taken when removing the cannon from Bumblebee's hands, as excessive force can damage the wrist ball joint socket.
Contrary to popular opinion, the yellow pieces on the back of Bumblebee's feet are not supposed to be heel spurs, nor have they not been misassembled. They are supposed to fold up to emulate the detail found on the CGI design.
This mold was redecoed into an exclusive 'Battle Damaged' version of Bumblebee and into Cliffjumper.
  • Bumblebee (Robot Replicas, 2007)

Heli-pack not included

As part of the Robot Replicas sub-line, this version of concept-camaro Bumblebee is a non-transforming action figure that hews very close to the movie's CGI model. It features joints similar to the Revoltech toys, plus his right forearm can be replaced with his blaster-arm (or any other arm attachments from other Robot Replicas, which could lead to some fun Frankensteins). For some reason, he's orange.
  • Plasma Punch Bumblebee (Fast Action Battler, 2007)

The hood becomes the chest? Well, that's new!

Fast Action Battlers Bumblebee transforms from concept-Camaro to robot with a considerably simpler transformation than the standard deluxe toy, intended for the slightly-younger set. He also features a spring-loaded missile launcher in his right arm.
  • Ultimate Bumblebee (Ultimate, 2007)

Ironically less accurate than the Deluxe-class toy.

Similar in appearance to the second Deluxe class Bumblebee toy, albeit much larger and more complex, the 'Ultimate' version of Bumblebee also transforms into a concept vehicle of the 2009 Camaro. The toy features animatronic movement in robot mode (flapping wings, moving arms and a rotating head) and light-up eyes and headlights, activated by the movement or sounds made by the person playing with the toy, or by pressing his buttons, which also activate an obscene number of interactivate electronic sound effects. His chest button yields various phrases and a new version of the Transformers theme tune, while a button on his side produces blaster noises, more speech, and musical samples, including four different ones from Devo's "Whip It." This button also causes the toy to raise its cannon-arm and automatically fire a missile. Playing with the toy by moving it will make him repeat various phrases and samples activated by other features, as well as crashing battle noises, but when he is left idle, more unique phrases will be uttered inquiring where everyone has gone, as well as radio snippets to the same effect, before the toy eventually deactivates. Pressing any button will bring him back online with a cheerful shout.
Transforming the toy between modes is accompanied by the classic transformation noise, and if left unattended between modes, stalling engine noises, a car horn and a car alarm will be heard. Once in car mode, new electronics are unlocked, beginning with the sound of an engine starting up. The chest button now activates the car's horn, and rolling the figure along will create an accelerating noise that increases the faster the toy is moved. More unique musical snippets will play as the car rolls along; when the rolling stops, brake lights activate and the tires screech. Yet more sounds are produced when Bumblebee is rolled backwards, and the car mode also features different crashing battle noises to the robot mode.
All of the toy's features can be turned off by a switch, and it has an additional "Try Me" mode which allows you to hear various sounds from the toy's various functions just by pressing the chest button.
The toy is mistransformed in the package, and all promo photos of the figure made the same mistake, presenting the car hood as a solid block resting on Bumblebee's chest. In reality, it splits up into five separate pieces to fold and collapse into a more movie-like appearance.
  • Evolution of a Hero (Multi-pack, 2007)

New and slagged version.

A Target-exclusive, this figure multi-pack contains an unchanged Deluxe class 1976 Bumblebee and an exclusive 'battle damaged' 2009 Camaro Concept Bumblebee. Even though the 2009 figure is supposed to represent Bumblebee's damaged state as he appeared during the final battle in the movie, oddly enough the 'damage' paint decos do not appear to extend to his legs, restricting themsleves to his upper torso and car roof/door parts.
  • Allspark Legends (Multi-pack, 2007)

Everybody! Everybody!

A Toys R Us exclusive, this six-pack of Legends class figures contains unmodified toys of Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream and Barricade.
  • Bumblebee (Cyber Slammer, 2007)
Bumblebee gets his second Cyber Slammers toy, this time in his concept-Camaro body. Kids love the Bee!
  • Towed to Safety (Multi-pack, 2007)

Why the company sold '76 instead of '08 with Longarm?

This set features an unaltered Deluxe class Longarm figure and a Deluxe class 1976 Camaro Bumblebee figure. The window box features a diorama background of the battle in Mission City (basically the same packaging inner tray from the "Bumblebee vs. Barricade: First Encounter" pack. It's possible that this set might be exclusive to Europe.

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

  • Capture of Bumblebee (Screen Battles, 2007)

Well, maybe your odds just went up.

This Screen Battles pack comes a redecoed Camaro Concept Deluxe class Bumblebee featuring a more accurate grey colour scheme for his robot mode parts and a silver painted face and toes. The pack also comes with non-posable figurines of Sector Seven agent Reggie Simmons and two Sector Seven soldiers; one carrying a cryo-freezing cannon and one carrying a grenade launcher.
This set comes in a special window box featuring a diorama background of the scene where Bumblebee is captured by Sector Seven forces.

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

  • Final Stand (Screen Battles, 2007)

"I shoot, you drive!"

This Screen Battles pack comes with a Longarm figure redecoed in the same paint job as the tow truck Mikaela Banes uses to tow Bumblebee to safety. The "Orson's Towing" markings have been replaced by the "Mike's Towing" markings seen on the actual truck used in the movie. Longarm has also been retooled so that his interior has a non-removable figurine of Mikaela where the driver's seat would be. The pack comes with a battle damaged posable Bumblebee figure similar to the Robot Replicas toy.
This set comes in a special window box featuring a diorama background of the battle in Mission City.

Or you could pick... WHAT'S IN THE BOX.

This item is currently scheduled for release, but is not yet available.

Titanium Series

  • Bumblebee (Robot Masters, 2007)

Special feature: Can't talk, just like the real Bumblebee!

This Bumblebee is a three-inch tall painted mini-statue of his 1976 Camaro bodyform. He features die-cast in his torso and thighs, and he has swivel-joints at the shoulders, head and waist. Oh, and he comes with a Movie-style Autobot logo base to stand on.

Micro IR Transformers Cars

  • Bumblebee (2007)

Drives and shoots!

Made by Radio Shack under license from Hasbro and Dreamworks. Three-function infrared remote, in Bumblebee's signature colors, gives you control of the car with forward and reverse turn movement. More than just a car styled after the Movie character, the car also transforms to robot mode. The top of the gun-shaped IR remote's barrel serves as a display stand.


Transformers (2007)

  • Beatmix Bumblebee (2007)
Beatmix Bumblebee is a device that hooks up to a music device, similarly to an iDog. Like the aforementioned product, Beatmix Bumblebee reacts to the music being played (outputed via a speaker within him). With a touch, he can also sample the owner's music tracks and replays them with sound effects from the movie. His arms are posable, but Bumblebee cannot transform.


  • Bumblebee (2007)

What are YOU lookin at?

Robot Heroes

  • Bumblebee vs. Barricade (2007)
  • Armored Bumblebee vs. Starscream (2007)

Bee's gonna pull it away when Starscream runs up to kick it.

XMODS® Evolution Transformers

  • XMODS® Evolution Transformers Bumblebee (2007)
Model Number: 60-186

Movie Bumblebee XMODS.jpg

Bumblebee is now more battle ready than Ironhide...I think.

Bumblebee, in his Camaro Concept form, is one of the first Transformers characters to be licensed by Radio Shack from Hasbro and Dreamworks for their XMODS Evolution line of radio control cars. "The maximum in modification", Bumblebee is a base kit that can be upgraded with a Evolution Weapons and Light Kit for Bumblebee (Model Number: 60-191) which adds two racks of missiles to his doors, his plasma cannon onto the hood as well as LED red tail and white headlights. Bumblebee is also compatable with any of the optional motor upgrades, body kits, steering and suspension upgrades, and more available for the brand.

ZipZaps® Micro RC

  • ZipZaps® Micro RC Starter Kit 1.0 Transformers® Bumblebee™ (2007)
Model Number: 60-180


Bumblebee is also one of the first Transformers characters licensed by Radio Shack for their ZipZaps line of pocket-size radio control cars. As a ZipZap, Bumblebee can be customized, trimmed, and tuned with any other accessories available for the brand. He has working headlights and requires four "AAA" batteries for the charger.

Transformers Chess

  • TRANSFORMERS Chess Set (2007)
Two identical bronze-colored plastic statues of Bumblebee serve as the Chess set's Autobot-side knights.


  • According to an article on, the filmmakers wanted Bumblebee's original Earth form to be the 1976 iteration of the Camaro because it was the worst Camaro possible that also had chrome bumpers.
  • The same article indicates that the 1976 Camaros used in the film were all purchased via online auction for under $6000 each, one for less than $2000. That one didn't run.
  • One of the 1976 Camaros was sold on eBay, the bidding ended on July 18, 2007. The final price was $40,100.01.
  • The Bumblebee computer generated model consisted of 7608 individual parts, 1,511,727 polygons, 19,722 rig nodes, and 8094 texture maps. The volume of all the pieces came to 1069.01 cubic feet.[1]
  • Bumblebee stands approximately 16 feet tall, according to the official game strategy guide


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  2. From Cinefex magazine, issue number 111, published October 2007.
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