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Bumblebee, formerly known as B-127, is a character featured in the Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Transformers: The Last Knight and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movies. He is also the titular protagonist of the Bumblebee movie.


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He and the rest of the Ark crew encountered some humans in deep space and got their first clues to where Megatron and the All Spark rested. He also had to be saved from giant, metal-eating worms by Optimus Prime [1] .


Bumblebee (Movie) 0h29m50s

When Bumblebee transforms in Charlie's garage

Dispatched to Earth to consider its potential as an Autobot base, Bumblebee - known-then as "B-127" - unfortunately landed in the middle of an army training mission, and was subsequently attacked by Blitzwing. B-127 was able to destroy Blitzwing, but in the process his vocal processor was ripped out, and the battle-damage compromised his memory. Scanning the new form of a VW Beetle, B-127 went into a shutdown state, eventually ending up in a mechanic's shop, where he was discovered and purchased by Charlie Watson. Learning of his true nature, Charlie was able to repair his more superficial damage, naming him 'Bumblebee' after the sounds he was still able to make, and eventually inspired him to communicate through the radio. After a confrontation with the Decepticons Shatter and Dropkick, Bumblebee and Charlie decided to part ways, Charlie recognizing that Bumblebee would be safer living away from her, although he kept his new name as a memento[2] .


Movie BoliviasFinestQualityUsedCars 2

Bumblebee at the car store

By the 21st century, Bumblebee had made his way to a second-rate car dealership, it was there he became Sam Witwicky's first car. Sam's father promised his son a car if Sam paid half of the money and achieved three A's in school. After doing so with the help of his genealogy project, Sam rode with his father to Bolivia's Finest Quality Used Cars and Petting Zoo. Following them to the lot, Bumblebee quietly placed himself among the other cars. To prevent Sam from having to choose another car, he used a high-frequency sound wave to blow out the windows of every other car in the lot, leaving Bobby with no choice but to sell Bumblebee to the Witwickys.

The next day, Sam and his friend Miles drove Bumblebee down to the lake in a misguided attempt to impress the popular girls at a party. Observing the exchange of thinly veiled insults between Sam and the football jocks, Bumblebee decided to help out Sam when the boy noticed Mikaela Banes walking home after a falling-out with her now ex-boyfriend. Playing "Drive" on his radio, Bumblebee inspired Sam to kick Miles out and drive Mikaela home. As the two awkwardly chatted, Bumblebee suddenly turned off his engine when they neared a romantic spot overlooking the city, this time playing "Sexual Healing" and "I Feel Good". Not knowing his car has a mind of its own, Sam misinterpreted this as a breakdown. Mikaela attempted to fix Bumblebee with her mechanical know-how, only to leave after Sam asked her why she tolerated jerks like her ex-boyfriend. Trying to help as much as he could, Bumblebee allowed Sam to start up his engine as she walked away, this time playing "Baby, Come Back". Arriving at Mikaela's house, Sam advanced a step towards her by stating that he didn't believe her to be shallow at all, that there was "more than meets the eye" with her. After she left, Sam quietly enthused that he loved his car.

Later that night, Bumblebee drove off by himself with Sam in hot pursuit, believing it to be a car theft. Unwittingly leading his human owner to a junkyard, Bumblebee transformed and activated his communications beacon, requesting assistance from Optimus Prime and the other Autobots. Unknown to him, Sam had seen his robot form and ran off while being chased by the junkyard's two guard dogs. Bumblebee came to Sam's aid, scaring off the dogs, but had to escape when the police (whom Sam had previously summoned when Bumblebee drove away from his house) arrived to arrest Sam for breaking into the junkyard.

The next morning, Bumblebee drove back to the Witwicky house sometime after Sam had been bailed out by his dad. Frightened and confused, Sam rode away from what he dubbed "Satan's Camaro", ending up in the city and encountering Mikaela in front of a Burger King. Bumblebee followed Sam towards an industrial area, not realizing that the Decepticon Barricade was stalking the boy, intent on finding glasses belonging to Sam's ancestor, which Sam had been selling on eBay. Sam ran away from the attacking Decepticon and literally ran into Mikaela after she had followed him. As Barricade bore down on the pair, Bumblebee suddenly appeared, knocking the Decepticon off his feet, then drove the humans away as Barricade gave chase.

Movie Bumblebee factorychase

Bumblebee driving away from Barricade

Movie Bumblebee transformation1

Bumblebee transforming for the first time for Sam

Racing through dilapidated factories and warehouses, Bumblebee eventually arrived at a deserted chemical plant on the outskirts of town. There, he waited until Barricade's back was turned before driving away and dumping Sam and Mikaela out of his passenger side door. Bumblebee Transformed for the first time in front of the humans to protect them. Barricade transformed and attacked, hitting Bumblebee with his tire spikes and knocking the Autobot into a chemical tank. In retaliation, Bumblebee grabbed Barricade and threw him into an electrical substation, seriously damaging the Decepticon and putting him into stasis lock. After Sam and Mikaela took care of Frenzy, Bumblebee introduced himself to them entirely through the use of his radio, explaining that it was the only way he could communicate, that he was an alien, and that Sam had witnessed him calling to his friends the previous night. Transforming back into vehicle mode, Bumblebee invited his friends to enter (which they did after a brief hesitation) and began to drive them to nearby Griffith Observatory.

Movie Bumblebee winner

Bumblebee explaining to Sam what he is and where he came from

On the way, Mikaela (who had refused to sit in the driver's seat, as Bumblebee was driving), rhetorically asked Sam that if Bumblebee was a super-advanced robot, why did he turn into a piece-of-crap Camaro? Mildly insulted, Bumblebee stopped in the middle of a packed tunnel and forced the humans out, then drove away. As Sam lamented the fact that "four thousand dollars just drove away," Bumblebee passed another car and scanned it, driving back to the pair as a sleek and shiny 2009 Chevrolet Camaro. Amazed and impressed, Sam and Mikaela got back in, and Bumblebee continued their journey to the observatory. Arriving, the humans observed as the other Autobots entered the Earth's atmosphere and crash-landed in various parts of the city. Jazz in a baseball field, Ironhide in a suburban pool, Ratchet in a warehouse and Optimus in a nearby field (Which Sam and Mikaela witnessed).

Movie Bumblebee Mikaela observatory

Bumblebee in his newer Camaro form

Bumblebee then took his friends to a secluded alleyway, where Sam and Mikaela met the other Autobots. Introducing themselves, Sam learned that Bumblebee was his guardian and that the Autobot's vocal processors had been damaged in battle. Ratchet was still working on them as he fired a regenerative plasma beam[3] at the damaged area. Optimus Prime explained that their mission was to find the AllSpark, and that Sam Witwicky was the key due to his grandfather discovering Megatron on an Arctic voyage.

Movie BumblebeeCC guardian

Bumblebee becoming Sam's guardian

Arriving at the Witwicky residence, Bumblebee attempted to convince his comrades to remain out of sight while Sam was talking to his father. When Sam and Mikaela were captured by Sector Seven, Bumblebee helped rescue them. The interrogation of Agent Simmons went nowhere, however, and Bumblebee became so annoyed with his attitude that he released lubricant onto the agent. Soon, Sector Seven reinforcements arrived, intent on recapturing the kids and any "N.B.E.s" they could get their hands on. Optimus Prime tried to protect Sam and Mikaela as they hid under a bridge, but both almost fell to their deaths when they slipped. Bumblebee raced forward, transforming and catching them in mid-air. Unfortunately, this also gave Sector Seven a clear and obvious target for them to attack. Firing harpoon cables from helicopters, the clandestine human organization dragged Bumblebee to the ground, and its soldiers began to freeze the helpless Autobot, who reached out to Sam. The boy broke free from an agent's grip, pushing the soldiers aside until he was tackled by several agents and taken away. Though Jazz objected to allowing Sector Seven to leave with their friend, Optimus Prime ordered his troops to stand down, as there was no way to save the prisoners without incurring human casualties.

Movie Allspark reformatting

Bumblebee reforming the cube

Taken to Hoover Dam, Bumblebee was continually doused with cryoblasts to keep him docile and inert as Sector Seven performed experiments on him. Sam and Mikaela (with some armed persuasion from Captain Lennox) convinced Sector Seven to release Bumblebee. Upon his release, Bumblebee converted to battle mode and almost lashed out at his human oppressors until Sam calmed him down, informing him of the presence of the All Spark and Megatron in the facility, and that the Decepticons were coming for both. Following the humans to the All Spark's chamber, Bumblebee hesitantly reached out to the life source of his people and reformatted it, shrinking the cube until it was a size that the humans could manipulate. Bumblebee and a military escort fled to Mission City, meeting the Autobots en route.

Movie Bumblebee giveAllSpark

Bumblebee giving the cube to Sam

Soon after they arrived at the city, Starscream appeared. Recognizing the Decepticon, Ironhide and Bumblebee lifted up an abandoned truck in order to shield the humans from any collateral damage Starscream's attack would inevitably bring. One of the Decepticon's missiles struck the truck, sending both Autobots flying, with Bumblebee landing in a store front. The attack tore off Bumblebee's legs left him barely functional, as Sam discovered to his horror when Bumblebee crawled from the wreckage. Soon, the other Decepticons arrived, followed by Megatron himself, and the remaining Autobots were engaged. Mikaela and Sam hoisted Bumblebee onto an abandoned tow truck, but refused to leave his side. The Autobot silently handed his friend the All Spark, trusting the fate of his people into the boy's hands, and urged him to run while he still could. As Sam ran off, Mikaela drove Bumblebee away from the fighting to relative safety.

Bumblebee armed

Bumblebee, fighting Brawl on the back of a tow truck

However, she was soon overcome with guilt for leaving Sam and the battle. With Bumblebee's assent, she turned the truck around and headed back in. As Mikaela drove down the street in reverse, Bumblebee activated his weapon systems, then fired his plasma cannon and missiles at Devastator, who was pinning down Captain Lennox and the rest of the combined Ranger/Sector Seven soldiers. His contribution was the deciding factor, confusing Devastator enough for the soldiers to counterattack, and the Decepticon was destroyed at last when Bumblebee's final cannon blast pierced his spark. Bumblebee was rather pleased with himself, and Mikaela complimented his shooting.

After the destruction of Megatron and the AllSpark, Bumblebee (who had regained his voice[3]) requested permission to remain with Sam, to which the young man agreed. After his legs were repaired, he allowed Sam and Mikaela to make out on top of him as the other Autobots watched.


Bumblebee is living in Sam's garage and is called upon Sam to deal with the appliance bots. Bumblebee destroys them all, but also does a lot of damage to the house and is upset as he knows he's in trouble. Bumblebee still can't speak well and uses the radio to talk. He's excited at first at the thought of going with Sam to college, but is upset when Sam tells him he can't go. Sam says goodbye and tells him to go back to the other Autobots which he does.


Bumblebee shrugging after he blew up Sam's house in order to save him


After the Allspark shard is stolen and the government wants to have the Autobots leave Earth, Bumblebee is dispatched by Optimus to get Sam for a meeting so Optimus can get Sam's help in dealing with the government. Bumblebee arrives at the party Sam's at and parks on the lawn, @#!*% the frat boys off and inadvertently saving Sam from Alice's advances. Sam tries to take off in Bumblebee (who his roommate Leo is impressed by), but Alice joins him and continues to hit on him. Bumblebee severely disapproves of her actions and plays dirty music and lubricates all over her, ultimately causing her to leave. Bumblebee takes Sam to Optimus where Sam refuses to help them anymore, wanting a normal life.

Later, when Sam, Mikaela and Leo are captured by a resurrected Megatron, Bumblebee and Optimus rescue them and Bumblebee takes Leo and Mikaela to safety while Optimus takes Sam. Bumblebee contacts Ironhide and rallies Autobot reinforcements to help Optimus, but they arrive too late, just minutes after Optimus is killed by Megatron. Bumblebee, Sam, Mikaela, Leo, and the Twins, Skids and Mudflap, end up hiding in an abandoned prison while all of the rest of the Autobots return to an air force base and are taken captive by the government.


Bumblebee helping Optimus fight Starscream and Megatron

After seeing The Fallen's broadcast and learning that the government is after him, Sam falls into a depression and Bumblebee tries to snap his friend out of it and convince him not to turn himself in. With Mikaela's help he ultimately succeeds. When the group decides to go to Leo's rival RoboWarrior for help, Bumblebee acts as the group's mode of transport (and does so for the rest of the movie although Sam seems to drive most of the time). After uniting with RoboWarrior, who turns out to be their old "friend" Simmons, Bumblebee transports the group, now including Simmons, to the Smithsonian where the group revives Jetfire and recruits him to help. Jetfire transports them to Egypt via a space bridge and explains the history of The Fallen and the Dynasty of Primes, which is something that the Twins and Bumblebee are unaware of. The group leaves Jetfire behind and takes off to find the Matrix of Leadership to resurrect Optimus with.

The group spend the night at the Great Pyramids of Giza and the next morning head to Petra when Sam figures out where the Matrix is. After tracking down the right tomb and finding nothing, the Twins start to fight, and Bumblebee, annoyed, bangs their heads together and tosses them out of the tomb. The two's antics reveal Cybertronian glyphs and Bumblebee blast a hole in the wall into the room where the Matrix is held. He is as disappointed as everyone else when it crumbles to sand, but goes along with Sam's assertion that it will still work.


Bumblebee punishing The Twins


On the way, the group is attacked by Megatron and Starscream and Sam sends Bumblebee and the Twins to distract them. Leo and Simmons go with the Twins while Bumblebee goes by himself and Sam and Mikaela head out to reunite with the soldiers.

Bumblebee loses his pursuers and heads into town to find Sam's parents held hostage by Skipjack and Sam in a tight spot. Sam is the only one who spots him and distracts Skipjack and maneuvers him closer to Bumblebee who attacks, blindsiding Skipjack, the two entering a brutal close quarters fight. Bumblebee dominates the fight, although he was ambushed by Ravage. Bumblebee immediately killed Ravage, and finished off Skipjack. Bumblebee reluctantly takes Sam's parents to safety on Sam's orders.


Bumblebee fighting Rampage

Later, Bumblebee returns during the battle with Sam's parents when Sam is killed and is visibly devastated by Sam's death. He is shocked but happy when Sam is resurrected by the Dynasty of Primes and witnesses Sam resurrecting Optimus with the Matrix which he earned. He witnesses The Fallen's return and Jetfire's sacrifice to help Optimus [4] .



Bumblebee activates Stealth Force to attack an illegal Nuclear Site

Bumblebee no longer lives with Sam and now goes on missions with the other Autobots. On one such mission, he travels to the Middle East with Que, Dino and Sideswipe where they dismantle a secret nuclear facility. He has since gained a spoiler.

When Sam shows up at N.E.S.T. base, he tries to call for Bumblebee on one of the soldiers radios and apparently Bumblebee gets the message as he shows up to diffuse the situation, defending Sam and confirming his clearance. Sam berates Bumblebee for not even visiting him anymore to which Bumblebee apologizes for and says he feels bad about. Bumblebee leads Sam, Carly, Wheelie and Brains into the building and witnesses the revival of Sentinel Prime. Afterwards, due to Laserbeak's attack against Sam, he's assigned to protect him again. Sam and Bumblebee are happy to be reunited, and Wheelie expresses relief at having Bumblebee to protect them from Decepticon attacks.

When Sam decides to investigate the Decepticons plot, Bumblebee agrees with his choice. In order to get the information he needed, Sam made a deal with Bruce Brazos to be given the data in exchange for him meeting Bumblebee. Brazos takes on an aggressive stance towards Bumblebee and Bumblebee is annoyed with him and pulls out his cannon which just amuses Brazos before Simmons kicks him out. He gets startled and flustered when Carly comes in and he breaks a chandelier, causing him to pull down his mask in embarrassment. When the group decides to travel to Atlantic City to meet up with two former Russian cosmonauts, Bumblebee calls in Dino and Sideswipe for back-up before an annoyed Carly shows up and leaves.


Bumblebee saving Sam

The group travels to Atlantic City where they learn that the Decepticons have hundreds of space bridge pillars on the moon and need Sentinel to operate them. Bumblebee, Dino and Sideswipe quickly begin to escort Sentinel back to base, but are attacked by the Dreads on the freeway. Bumblebee manages to protect Sam from harm, and, with Dino's assistance, kill Hatchet before being joined by Ironhide near the base who kills the other two. At the base, Bumblebee is shocked when Sentinel murders Ironhide and barley avoids being killed himself before Sentinel steals the pillars. Although he attempts to fight Sentinel alone and rescue Ironhide, he is over-matched and forced to retreat.

After a failed attempt by the Autobots to stop Sentinel on the National Mall ends in hundreds of Decepticons arriving through the space bridge and Sentinel gives the UN an ultimatum, the Autobots are ordered to leave Earth in the Xantium. Bumblebee says a sad goodbye to a tearful Sam before leaving in the Xantium. Starscream proceeds to destroy the Xantium as its launching, apparently killing Bumblebee and the other Autobots.


Bumblebee reunites with Sam at Chicago

In truth, the Autobots secretly abandoned ship before it was destroyed and made their way to Chicago in time to save Sam, Epps and their team from being killed by a Decepticon fighter. Sam comes up with the plan for him and Bumblebee to fly the fighter to Dylan Gould's penthouse to rescue Carly even though Bumblebee was only "so so" sure he could fly it. Despite a rocky start, the two reach the penthouse and Sam enters it to rescue Carly. Laserbeak attacks Sam and flings him out the window, but Bumblebee catches him on the fighter and rises back to the penthouse where Carly jumps to the fighter and climbs into the cockpit while Sam struggles with Laserbeak. During the struggle, Bumblebee lost control of the fighter and started to spin around. The fight with Laserbeak ended when Sam managed to hold his head in front of one of the fighter's guns and had Bumblebee fire, decapitating and killing Laserbeak. The fighter crashed, but Bumblebee, Carly and Sam were unhurt.

After heading off to fight the Decepticons with the other Autobots while the humans attempted to shoot down the Control Pillar and failed, Bumblebee arrived in time to catch Sam and Lennox after Lennox cut them free from a cable connecting them to Starscream. Bumblebee pulled them out of the way as Sam's boom stick detonated, decapitating and killing Starscream. Bumblebee then carried Sam and Carly to a bridge at the end of the river and left them to gather the other Autobots.


Bumblebee, about to be killed by Soundwave

Bumblebee, Ratchet, Sideswipe, Que and Dino are captured by Soundwave and after talking to Dylan Gould, he decides to kill them. Bumblebee is forced to watch as Que is executed by Barricade and sadly says goodbye to his friend. Bumblebee is next and Sam, who is nearby, tries to help, but his second boom stick shorts out. Bumblebee is about to be executed in front of Sam and Carly when Wheelie and Brains cause a bunch of Decepticon fighters to drop on their position, distracting the Decepticons and allowing Bumblebee to break free and attack. Bumblebee leads the charge on their captors, and after a fierce battle, Bumblebee single-handedly kills one Decepticon protoform, before dealing a lethal blow to Soundwave, uppercutting through his chest and blasting his head off with his cannon.

Bumblebee transports Sam and Carly to where NEST and Epps' team are and enters the battle against Sentinel and the remaining Decepticons. Bumblebee attacks Sentinel alongside Optimus and the other Autobots, aggressively engaging the rogue Prime while Optimus held back the incoming fighters. Wounded by the attacks from both the human and Autobot forces, Sentinel calls in the remaining Decepticon fighters, forcing the Autobots and humans to turn their attention to them and allowing Sentinel to flee, although Optimus chases him down. After Sam kills Gould, who reactivates the space bridge bringing Cybertron to Earth, he calls for help and Ratchet and Bumblebee respond. After Ratchet shoots the Control Pillar, Bumblebee crashes through it, destroying it. This causes the Decepticon fighters to get sucked up into the half-formed Cybertron which collapses upon itself and is destroyed.


Bumblebee, after the battle at Chicago

After Optimus kills Megatron and Sentinel, Bumblebee reunites with the rest of the humans and Autobots. After Sam and Carly admit they love each other, Bumblebee drops a bunch of gaskets to use as engagement rings and plays some wedding music though Sam tells him that's taking it too fast. Bumblebee responds that he was "just trying to help." As the Autobots stand around, Ratchet compliments Bumblebee's performance in the battle. Dark of the Moon


Note: This is a potential future that may not necessarily following trilogy.

After receiving orders from Optimus Prime to go into hiding, Bumblebee made the Spark wrenching decision to leave his friend Sam, taking the form of a predominantly black 1960s custom SS Camaro to better disguise himself.

Some time later, Bumblebee met up with the other remaining Autobots, Hound, Drift and Crosshairs, in Monument Valley. Here, they waited for their leader to return. Optimus radios ahead to regroup, upon his arrival with Cade, Tessa and Shane, Bumblebee transforms as the inventor watches, amazed. The Autobots then start arguing among themselves about the humans.

"Sensei, with your fate unknown, Bumblebee has held command. Despite his complete and utter lack of anything resembling warrior Discipline! He's like a child..."
"-This child is about to kick your ass!"
―Drift and Bumblebee start feuding.

Later, they all gather around the fireplace. Cade shows the Autobots with information that Optimus helped him gather en route. During this time, he has a disagreement with Drift. Upon learning of what's been happening to their fellow Autobots, they come up with a plan to infiltrate KSI headquarters in Chicago. En route, the Autobots hold up in an abandoned building where Bumblebee starts dancing with Tessa.


Bumblebee at KSI


Bumblebee looking at his "better" prototype

Bumblebee poses as a car driven by Cade and Shane so they can sneak into KSI, so they can get more intelligence. Once in they find themselves in a presentation room where a Stinger prototype is on display. Cade infiltrates the facility further as Shane stays back with Bumblebee. The Autobot gets severely annoyed when he listens to an advertisement playing on a screen about Stinger. The advert suggests that it is better than the original Bumblebee. He transforms, then goes mad and kicks the Stinger prototype off the stand. He and Shane then leave, leaving Cade behind. Later on, Bumblebee scans a new 2014 Camaro after Optimus was enraged when he learned about the death of his old friend and a medical officer Ratchet from the video Cade recorded of his head being melted down by KSI scientists. Bumblebee and the other Autobots transform and race towards KSI. They crash through the windows and start destroying everything. Drift transforms into a helicopter, and Bumblebee wall-jumps and grabs onto drift. They fly up towards the room where Cade is in. Bumblbee kicks the window down and grabs Cade. Drift,Cade, and Bumblebee all escape.

Later on, KSI gets made because of a "unprovoked autobot attack", and they decide they should test out Galvatron to attack the autobots. Once Galvatron gets there, he starts shooting missiles at them. The first two missiles miss, and hit a wood delivery truck, which slides into a smaller truck. In order to prevent injury, Bumblebee and Optimus use the shrapnel from the two trucks to jump over the bridge, while crashing through another Big Rig on top of the Bridge. Optimus grabs Cade, Shane, and Tessa and transforms back onto the road, while Bumblebee hitches his feet on top of the bridge and hangs upside-down under the bridge, and uses his multi-missile launchers on his hands. The missiles explode right under Galvatron, but Galvatron explodes, and passes the bridge and turns into a truck. Bumblebee was confused about what just happened.Bumblebee, Drift and Hound escape, but Optimus ends up getting hit by Galvatron, and they end up fighting.

Later on, Bumblebee, Hound and Drift decide to save Optimus and Tessa, so they transform and drive to where the Knights Temenos is descending. They transform and jump onto the ship before it takes off. They climb around the top of the ship until they find an air duct that they climb down.

Later on, Cade,Shane and Tessa use the Knights Temenos's Anchors to climb on, to get to the Willis Tower. But, Lockdowns Cybertronic Wolves find them and pursue them. Cade shoots two of them, but the other three wolves start gnawing and cutting all of the anchors, but Bumblebee jumps out and starts shooting the wolves. but while he is shooting one, the last wolf cuts the last anchor, and Cade,Shane,and Tessa all fall. Bumblebee jumps off the ship and uses the anchors as a vine to grab Shane, Cade, and Tessa, then slides down the Willis Tower. While Cade,Shane, and Tessa are thanking Bumblebee, Crosshairs arrives with a stolen fighter. Bumblebee lowers Cade, Shane, and Tessa into the fighters mini gun pod attached to the back, while he sits on top of the fighter. Enemy fighters start to pursue them, while Crosshairs shoots some missiles which hit a bridge, causing all of the shrapnel to hit a fighter passing under it. Bumblebee uses his grappling hook to latch onto a boat, which he whips over, and destroys another fighter. Eventually, Crosshairs gets bored of flying, and shoves Bumblebee into the cockpit. Crosshairs explains how the guns work on the gun pod to Cade and Shane, until he jumps off and destroys two more fighters. Cade and Shane shoot two more fighters, while Bumblebee pilots. They eventually fly under a bridge, while shooting at two more smaller fighters. Bumblebee sees a dead end under the bridge and flies upward. He breaks through the pavement and concrete and destroys the fighter.

Later on, Bumblebee with Cade, Shane, and Tessa arrives with Optimus, Hound, Drift, and Crosshairs, where Crosshairs tells Bumblebee about them getting a new ship, which they stole from the Knights Temenos.

Later on, Bumblebee and Hound fight off the KSI Prototypes together. But Hound is getting severally injured, until Optimus, Drift, and Crosshairs arrive riding the Dinobots. Bumblebee shoots one last Prototype before he jumps off rubble and gets grabbed by Strafe, until Stinger jumps after him, and grabs onto Strafe also. They duel on top of Starfe's huge body, until Strafe flies up a building. Stinger falls off, but starts shooting Strafe, while sliding down a building. Strafe hits a Lightning Rod on top of the building, and starts to fall down the side of the building with Bumblebee and Stinger. Bumblebee jumps off of Strafe, and shoots Stinger three times, while he goes flying into a Victoria's Secret Bus, with his pieces flying everywhere. Bumblebee then feeds Stinger's head to Strafe. Bumblebee meets up with the others, but is soon later on shot down by a Fighter. Slug jumps off and destroys the fighter, while Optimus tries to explain how to get the Seed out of the city. But soon the knights Temenos arrives, and starts sucking up Bumblebee, Optimus and the other Dinobots. Optimus shoots several missiles into the Knight Temenos's magnet. They all drop, falling several feet, until slamming onto the ground. Optimus gets up and decides to fight Lockdown for the last time. But Cade decides to help Optimus since Optimus helped them. Tessa tries to stop him, but Bumblebee drives them off. Later, Tessa tells Bumblebee to "stop the car" and they all decide to not leave Optimus and Cade. They drive back, while Optimus is severely injured, while he is stabbed by his own sword into a pillar. Bumblebee transforms and starts fighting Lockdown. But Lockdown grabs Bumblebee by the foot and tosses him. Cade starts shooting Lockdown, while Lockdown tries to fight back. Shane gets a cable latched onto the sword's handle, and Optimus breaks free and slices Lockdown in half.

Later on, Bumblebee and the other Autobots watch as Optimus leaves earth to confront the Creators.


"I'm Bumblebee. Your oldest friend"
Bumblebee after regaining his voice back [src]

In Prime's absence, Cade and Bumblebee act as co-leaders to the remaining Autobots, with Wheelie and the Dinobots having joined their ranks. Meanwhile, more Transformers have been crashlanding on Earth, only to be captured and detained by the Transformers Reaction Force (TRF), a less-villainous military faction, who are tasked with detaining Cybertronians, regardless of allegiance (although Colonel Lennox, former NEST commander, now allied with the TRF, prefers to capture Decepticons exclusively). Cade and Bumblebee work together to help rescue wayward Autobots, or any crashed Cybertronian in general, from the violent detainment of the TRF. One particular mission involved saving a group of nosy kids from TRF walker drones, aided by a street-smart orphaned girl named Izabella. After rescuing the kids, Cade goes to help a crashed ship holding a wounded Guardian Knight, Steelbane. While trying to stop the Energon bleeding, Steelbane simply hands Cade a talisman, saying it would protect him. Cade refuses, claiming he doesn't owe him anything. With the knight all but dead, Cade is unknowingly stalked by both Barricade, Bumblebee's old Decepticon rival, and TRF squads. The squad, led by Commander Santos, corner Cade, questioning him about the whereabouts of the other Autobots. Bumblebee drives into the rescue, only to be literally blown to pieces by the firepower. However, due to unspecified, but exponential upgrades, Bee slowly begins magnetically reassembling himself, even blasting them with his cannons. After fully rebuilding himself, he and Cade hold Santos at gunpoint, only to be talked down by Lennox. Lennox regretfully explains that despite his own interests, the TRF are the protectors of Earth, and that they need to play by the rules. Bee is angry about this apparent betrayal, even pointing his cannon at Lennox for a moment, with backup arriving in the form of Hound. Eventually, Cade and Lennox come to an agreement to let them go, which Bumblebee even mockingly chicken-clucks at the mercenaries. Despite this, Santos orders a tracer shot onto Bee. After returning to the junkyard in Cuba, Cade is informed by the police chief that Grimlock has stolen one of the police cruisers. While Cade yells at Grimlock to spit the car out, Crosshairs snarked about their altercation with the TRF, boasting that he made a better leader. Bumblebee didn't take kindly to Crosshairs crap-talking, before the two tackled each other. To add on to headaches, weaselly Autobot junk dealer Daytrader arrived, bearing gifts. Amongst them was Starscream's long-since severed head, and even a new voice box for Bee himself, to which he joyfully grooved to "Can't Touch This" in excitement. However, Daytrader noticed Steelbane's talisman laying on the table, and warned Cade that it meant disaster was ahead. Suddenly, Izabella, the girl from earlier, and her damaged partner Sqweeks, arrive. Offering her mechanic skills and help Cade, he constantly rebuffs her. Heartbroken over the death of her Autobot friend, Canopy, at the hands of the TRF, Izabella stubbornly and tearfully demands that she stay to fight them. Cade asks her why she's alone, and she explains that her family were killed during the Decepticon invasion of Chicago. After some back and forth, Cade agrees to let Izzy stay. The next morning, Izzy's skills are put to the test as she works on fitting Bumblebee with his new voice box. It works, but the voice is female, to which Bumblebee vulgarly voices his displeasure at Daytrader, calling him a "punk-ass bitch", and tearing it out.

Optimus Prime, having been brainwashed by Quintessa, is corrupted into taking Merlin's Staff away and use it to make Cybertron merge with Earth, and Bumblebee had no choice but to fight Optimus for the Staff. The two fight on top of the Knights of Iacon's ship that is floating up into the surface, and having to fight in the sea as their battle is hindered by oncoming waves of the ocean and the elevation of the ship. Optimus gains the upper hand and as he is about to stab Bumblebee to death with his arm-sword, Bumblebee finally speaks, "I am Bumblebee! Your oldest friend. Optimus, I would lay down my life for you." Upon hearing Bumblebee's words, Optimus breaks free of Quintessa's control and recalls that he had never heard Bumblebee's voice since the fall of Cybertron, recognizing it not as a radio recording but as that of his compatriot. Megatron arrives and forcefully takes the staff from Optimus, before the Knights arrive and they are about to execute Optimus for siding with Quintessa, unaware the fact that Optimus was not willing to serve her. Cade, refused to let this happen, uses his sword to stop Optimus' death sentence, and because of this, the Knights swear allegiance to Optimus before the battle on Cybertron begins and he seemingly kills Quintessa until it is revealed that she survived his encounter at the end of the film.

With Optimus and the Knights banded together, Bumblebee joined them into charging towards Quintessa's headquarters where he assists Optimus in battling Megatron and kills Nitro Zeus by shooting Nitro in the head. Through Bumblebee's efforts, Earth was saved and he returned to Cybertron to start rebuilding the still war-torn planet.


  • Cybertronian Physiology: Like Optimus Bumblebee is a living robot with an Allspark that gives him life. Similar to all Cybertrons Bumblebee is able to change into a car. Bumblebee also holds many weapons in his body which include Plasma Cannons that fire bursts of plasma at opponents, Machine Gun, Shoulder Missile, Multi-missile Launchers, Laser Cannon, Crab Claw, Battle Hammer, Anchor, Mouth Grapple, Toe Gun, a retractable blade and more.
    • Body Separation: Bumblebee displays the ability to disassemble and reassemble his own body with no physical injuries as well as attracting parts of armor that torn off him.
    • Superhuman Durability: Bumblebee is impervious to blows and impacts that can slay a Cybertronain or a human as well as surviving falls from heights. The armor in his vehicle form along with car parts arranged to his humanoid appearance keeps him unscathed and grant him extra protection.
    • Radio Manipulation: Bumblebee can operate and play various recordings on the radio in form of verbal communication, which is possibly a way for his actual voice to heal.
    • Superhuman Strength: Bumblebee has levels of physical strength, able to carry and wield a hammer with little effort, tear a Cybertronian's body parts(as shown when he killed Ravage by shredding his armored body from the remains while holding his tail and lift a truck,
    • Superhuman Agility: Due to his size, Bumblebee can leap and perform gymnastic stunts in battle.
    • Superhuman Speed: Bumblebee is a very quick Autobot, as he transformed between two modes in a second, run faster than a moving vehicle and act thoroughly.
  • Master combatant: bumblebee was skilled enough to go toe to toe with Optimus prime when he was being mindcontroled Evan though he was beaten by Optimus and was about to die he was still a formidable and fierce opponent.
    • Hammer mastery: bumblebee used a hammer to fight against Optimus prime.
  • Master marksman: bumblebee used a blaster to get Optimus away from him so he could regroup.


Bumblebee has a variety of weapons and gadgets at his disposal. These includes:

  • Mounted blaster
  • Hammer


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An unused Bumblebee weapon

  • A weapon considered for Bumblebee was a pair of arm-mounted electrical "stingers". The idea was ultimately abandoned for the movie, but influenced other media.
  • According to an article on, the filmmakers wanted Bumblebee's original Earth form to be the 1976 iteration of the Camaro because it was the worst Camaro possible that also had chrome bumpers.
  • The same article indicates that the 1976 Camaros used in the film were all purchased via online auction for under $6000 each, one for less than $2000. That one didn't run.
  • One of the 1976 Camaros was sold on eBay. The bidding ended on July 18, 2007; the final price was $40,100.01.
  • Four of the Camaros from Transformers, Revenge of the Fallen, Age of Extinction and The Last Knight were auctioned and was sold for $500,000.
  • The Bumblebee computer-generated model consisted of 7608 individual parts, 1,511,727 polygons, 19,722 rig nodes, and 8094 texture maps. The volume of all the pieces came to 1069.01 cubic feet.[5]
  • Bumblebee stands approximately 16 feet tall, according to the official game strategy guide
  • Bumblebee's character animation is based on the performance of Michael J. Fox in the Back to the Future movies.[6]
  • The 2008 Concept Camaro used for Bumblebee was built by Saleen in 30 days, using a heavily modified 2006 Pontiac GTO body as the basis. The '08 Camaro was not in production at the time that the film was being made, hence an identical mock-up was needed to fill the role.[7]
  • Despite being the only mute Autobot (or perhaps because of this), Bumblebee is the most emotional and expressive of the Autobot team, emphatically pointing, shrugging, and even waving his hands and acting as if he's speaking while he uses the radio to communicate. He likely does this to make himself better understood despite not being able to speak properly.
    • Apparently, this "language barrier" between Bumblebee and Sam might be inspired by the interaction between ET and Eliot in the movie E.T., whose director, Steven Spielberg, was also the executive producer of the live action Transformers movies.
  • In a TV spot video [citation needed], there was a scene which Hound and Bumblebee dancing with Tessa (while Drift bobs his head in the background) but it was not present in the final cut of Transformers: Age of Extinction.
  • Bumblebee's vehicle mode makes a cameo in the 2017 Power Rangers movie; when red ranger Jason Scott pilots his T-Rex Battle Zord, it accidentally steps on a yellow Camaro, prompting its pilot to say "Sorry Bumblebee!".
  • In the film (2007), Bumblebee scanned a working, drivable Camaro—with the same paint job—that won't be released until some time later this year (2009). However, it is possible that the Camaro in question was being road-tested by GM engineers, like they are doing in the real world.
  • In the online virtual world simulation/game Second Life, there is a full replica of the Sector Seven base which contains a giant discussion room where Michael Bay held a question board. This room contains a giant frozen Megatron replica and free avatars of both Bumblebee and Barricade. Both freebies are non-transforming. Also, the Bumblebee avatar has his battle mask down and it can't be raised. However, some sellers have created a transforming version.
  • His license plate reads "4NZZ454" in the first and second movies, in dark of the moon it reads "900 STRA".
  • Bumblebee, before each and every successful kill in the movie series, emphatically lowers his mask. Bumblebee's mask tends to be a warning signal for when he intends to bring the pain.
    • Before shooting Brawl, he snaps it down.
    • Before tearing apart Ravage and Rampage, he looks into the camera and snaps it down.
    • Before turning the tables on Soundwave and killing him and two Protoform troops, he faces the camera and snaps it down.
  • In the Bumblebee movie it was revealed he could also turn into a Camaro.


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