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Bumblebee is a character from the Transformers Autobots and Transformers Decepticons games.



Bumblebee arrived in Tranquility to meet up with Create-A-Bot, and after a short discussion created from radio sound clips, instructed Create-a-Bot to scan a number of vehicles, the last of which was a Decepticon. After a short battle, Bumblebee then used Create-a-Bot's mad h4x0r skills to break into the internet and find the location of Archibald Witwicky's glasses, which turned out to be conveniently in Tranquility. Going to retrieve them, Bumblebee arrived at the Witwicky house to find Barricade, who then blew up a car and ran, blaming the explosion on the yellow car now chasing him down the highway. Police were lined up in different positions and opened fire on Bumblebee. But that red health energon or whatever healed Bumblebee. Meeting on a bridge, they fought. Once Bumblebee won, Barricade once again ran.

Later, Bumblebee received a mission to destroy several Sector Seven turrets designed to shoot down the reported N.B.E.s seen around the city. Afterward, he served as a distraction, driving to various markers to fight off the police while the other Autobots did their thing. Once that task was completed, he got captured by S7 forces and taken to Hoover Dam, where he had to be rescued by the others. Once free of his restraints, he searched the base for the All Spark, finding it in the deepest part of the dam. Upon being discovered, the All Spark turns the site's computers into mechanical defend itself. From the good guys. After retrieving the All Spark, Bumblebee had to escape in under 30 seconds to avoid getting locked in. After a quick getaway down the highway with Optimus providing cover fire from checkpoints with S7 military waiting at every Barricade and a bot that resembled Shockwave were waiting for a two-on-two battle, in which Prime had to keep both Bumblebee and himself alive. Eventually, Prime ordered Bumblebee to go to Tranquility while Prime went for Megatron.

Finally, Bumblebee's last mission once again took place in Tranquility. All Spark in hand, he had to run to meet up with the Autobots, avoiding as many Decepticons as possible, within a time limit. Blackout was gunning for him the entire time, and lots of Decepticons were in the way. Once there, Create-a-Bot needed to keep Bumblebee from being blasted into slag as they raced to meet up with Optimus.


After sending troops to slow down Barricade and the Decepticon Create-A-Bot, Bumblebee showed up in person to take care of business himself, serving as little more than a distraction. After running away, Bumblebee later acquired the All Spark, transporting it across Tranquility while Starscream gave chase. Stopping in the suburbs, Starscream pounded Bumblebee's face to custard and pried the All Spark from his cold, non-functioning fingers.


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