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Bumblebee is a character from the Transformers comics.


After Sam failed and was killed, Megatron went on to conquer much of the Earth (making it an even worse day for Jazz). Bumblebee liked to believe that there was a universe out there in which Megatron lost.

Titan MikaelaBumblebee

Bumblebee in the Titan Magazines

Bumblebee and Mikaela went on to become old comrades in guerrilla warfare, and in 2008 went on a mission to rescue Optimus Prime from a Decepticon bunker in Denver. Bumblebee, now with missile launchers in car mode and increased physical strength, took out the bunker guard, Swindle, (nearly crushing Mikaela by accident—"My bad.") and found Prime...or what was left of him. Transformers Comic issue 9 Now stuck in the base, Bumblebee was being hunted by Megatron Transformers Comic issue 10, and baited into revealing himself when the tyrant threatened to kill Mikaela. Bumblebee made a desperate attack, only to be beaten aside with ease. Transformers Comic issue 11

Despite his defeat, he remained defiant to the end and refused to beg for mercy. Luckily the Autobot reinforcements arrived; unluckily, they couldn't stop Megatron; luckily again, Mikaela had revived Optimus Prime to save them Transformers Comic issue 12 and arrived with Phase Two of their plan, a Sector Seven nanovirus that targeted All Spark energy. Plugging it to himself, Bumblebee charged at the super-powered Megatron and forcibly uploaded the nano-virus, killing the tyrant once and for all. Not that he patted himself on the back over this, for he knew too well that this just left a power vacuum... Transformers Comic issue 13

Still partnered with Mikaela near the Savannah, Georgia refugee camp post-occupation, Bumblebee appeared frustrated with how the humans were frightened of him and, to be listened to, Mikaela had to do the talking for him. They went back into battle again to end a NATO bombardment of the Autobots in Savannah, running a gauntlet of tanks and Thundercrackers before freeing the NATO field commander from Decepticon mind control. During the course of the battle he roasted a drone with fiery exhaust. Transformers Comic issue 15

Following this battle, Bumblebee was involved in many clashes with Decepticons to protect human infrastructure, including leading a small group to protect an oil pipeline in Alaska. Armorhide did not follow orders well. Transformers Comic issue 16


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