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Bumblearm is the combined form of the Bumblebee and Strongarm. It was made possible through a combination of DNA-altering radiation through Fixit's science.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise 

While attempting to arrest the Stunticon Heatseeker, the Bee Team was exposed to Heatseeker's combining ability, nuclear radiation from a nearby disposal site, and an explosion. [1] This gave them the ability to combine into Ultra Bee[2] Fixit began research into controllably duplicating the combination ability, which finally resulted in a mostly successful test, fusing Bumblebee and Strongarm into Bumblearm. The test was only mostly successful as Strongarm, forming the lower half of the combined bot, was unable to move, leaving Bumblearm stuck in place until the combination effect wore off. [3] 


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