Bullhorn is in it for the money, and there's not an awful lot to say about him beyond that. A former petty thug from Mexico, Bullhorn was a loner who got by in life on the money he made street fighting until the Decepticons made him a better offer. Bullhorn is basically a blunt instrument—he's quite happy to be pointed at something and instructed to cause a bit of chaos, but if he's charged with tasks as low-yield as searching or staking out, he'll quickly start moaning and look for something else to do. He's not really that bad of a guy, though; he considers fellow Headmaster Juniors Wilder and Cancer real friends and genuinely looks out for them, and he's not really into the whole “evil” thing, especially to the extremes that the Decepticons want. It's really just business to Bullhorn, and he'd like to have a world to keep doing business on.

As a Decepticon Headmaster Junior warrior, Bullhorn is bonded to a Transtector from the planet Master, which takes the form of a monstrous buffalo. His Transtector's internal infra-red scopes allow him to fight freely at night, and for short periods of time, he is able to change the color of his Transtector's metal hide like a chameleon.

Crackhead English-Malay dub name: Horri-Bull


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Kōzō Shioya (Japan)
Bullhorn armor

Taurus, full of bull

Bullhorn was recruited into the Decepticons under the rule of Devil Z alongside maladjusted American biker gang leader Wilder and Chinese orphan martial artist Cancer, and bonded to a Transtector stolen from an Autobot transport ship. Bullhorn and his fellow ne'er-do-wells were sequestered in the undersea Decepticon headquarters until Blood finally announced it was time for them to reveal themselves to the world. Alongside some Lobclaw Seacons, Bullhorn and the Juniors began causing chaos in a city, soon drawing the attention of the Autobots, including their own three recently created Headmaster Juniors. The Autobot Juniors were under orders to stay out of the fight and focus on rescue operations but Bullhorn and his compatriots made it tough to follow the order as they pushed and shoved Shūta Gō around while he tried to rescue a baby from a burning building. Thankfully, Metalhawk arrived to see them off, and the day was saved. Birth! Headmaster Jrs

Bullhorn accompanied Wilder when attempted to reform his old gang, the Jack Boys, and sought revenge against the Cool Guys, the biker gang that had crossed them, but came out on the losing side of battles against the Autobot Juniors Minerva and Cab. Rage!! Little Devils with No Need for Rules Go, Goshooter - Showdown in the Wasteland

Bullhorn robotmode

Galvatron stole his look.

Bullhorn and the Juniors took something of a back seat following the arrival of the powerful Godmasters Giga, Mega, Hydra and Buster, Super Warriors - The Godmaster Brothers but when the hunt for the next Godmaster began, the three boys put their ears to the ground to search for clues. They wound up unearthing a series of rumors that led to the next Godmaster, named Ginrai, but he sided with the Autobots. A Hero is Chosen - His Name is Ginrai When Ginrai travelled to Japan to visit the other Autobots, Bullhorn, Wilder and Cancer ambush him en route to the Autobot base, but Ginrai thrashed all three of them soundly. A Strange Friendship: Cancer and Minerva The trio combed Japan for Ginrai in hopes of a rematch, but Bullhorn had some trouble focusing on the mission, first propositioning some girls playing tennis (with no luck) and later moaning about the heat in his Transtector. Eventually, the three punks spotted Ginrai in the background of a news report from Nagano, but inevitably lost the resultant battle. Friend or Foe!? The True Form of the Monster!! An infuriated Bullhorn was fully prepared for another bout when they saw Ginrai on a TV show for a second time while drowning their sorrows in a bar, but Wilder and Cancer told him to leave the matter to Buster and Hydra. Eliminate the Godmaster Ginrai

Bullhorn cards

Am I supposed to have a get out of jail free card?

Later, on an island off the coast of America, Bullhorn and the Juniors showed off their surfing skills to a group of young boys, and then offered to show them something "even cooler" – their Masterforce powers! They proceeded to kidnap the children as part of a plan by the Pretenders to draw out Ginrai, and when Bullhorn and Wilder were stuck with guard duty, they busied themselves playing cards. When the Autobots attacked, Bullhorn rushed off to join the battle, striking down Minerva when she attempted to appeal to the impressionable Cancer. The trio fled when the Pretenders pulled out of the battle, leaving King Poseidon to battle Ginrai. Heroism!! The Birth of Super Ginrai

During the search for the remaining Godmasters, Bullhorn joined the Decepticons on a mission into the Rocky Mountains and tried to get some information from a forest patrolman named Ranger. The Autobots were also in the area, and Minerva spotted Bullhorn talking with Ranger, leading her to believe that Ranger was a Decepticon too, but things turned out to be just the opposite: Ranger was, in fact, the new Autobot Godmaster. An Enemy? The Third Godmaster, Ranger The search for the Godmasters next led Bullhorn and the Juniors to France to investigate a story about a retired race car driver whose vehicle miraculously survived every crash it was in. The trio headed for the small village of Dagneux, where they confronted the racer, Germain, but even Bullhorn's muscle couldn't stand up to Germain, who strong-armed all three of them out of his bar. The Juniors returned in their Transtectors to tear through the town, but were defeated when their suspicions were proven correct: Germain's car had been a Transtector, but he had passed it on to his protégé, Road King, who became the next Autobot Godmaster and aided his new team-mates in seeing the Decepticon Juniors off. At Full Strength! The Four Godmaster Gunmen

Bullhorn teasescancer


Bullhorn and Wilder continued to tease Cancer over his infatuation with Minerva, but the more he denied it, the angrier Bullhorn grew, until he snarled that Cancer could go and join the Autobots if he liked her so much. Attempting to prove that Minerva meant nothing to him, Cancer had Bullhorn and Wilder join him in attacking a city to draw her out, but unfortunately for the Juniors, their attack was responded to by the violent Sixknight, who nearly killed them all until Minerva and Cancer's little buddy Browning saved them. The Autobot Warrior, Sixknight?! Despite seeing where it had got them once already, Bullhorn and Wilder kept up the ribbing when the Juniors were tasked with burning food storehouses in the heartland of America, mocking Cancer for thinking that they were destroying all the food in the country. Destroy Godbomber!!

Bullhorn, Wilder and Cancer were not particularly enthusiastic about renewing the search for the final Godmaster, but the quest came to a sudden end when the Godmaster in question, Clouder, actually sought the Decepticons out. Appearance!! The Final Godmaster Using his power to transform into two robot modes, Clouder infiltrated the Autobot base as a spy and acquired classified information, which he handed off to Bullhorn and the Juniors to give to Mega and Giga. Secret Orders! Destroy the Autobot Base!! Bullhorn and the Juniors participated in the ensuing Decepticon attack on the Autobot base, which concluded with its destruction. Disaster! The Autobot Base Explodes

Bullhorn beastmode

"Who ya gonna call?"
"Someone else!"

Bullhorn went into space along with the other Decepticons when BlackZarak was poised to unleash the evil Death Para-Machine on Earth, but was unable to participate in the battle with the Autobots that resulted, as he didn't have a booster to help him fly in space. Crisis! The Day of the Downfall of Humanity Although the Autobots were able to destroy the Death-Para Machine, Bullhorn had now seen the full extent of Devil Z's evil, and grew genuinely concerned with his plan to wipe out humanity. God Ginrai - Save Cancer!?

Later, when Clouder resurfaced on the side of the Autobots and was captured alongside Shūta, his announcement that he was betrayed by Turtler and left to die in the conflagration of the destroyed Autobot base caused all three Juniors to share uneasy looks. When Cancer wondered if this could be true, a wide-eyed Bullhorn questioned his doubts, wondering if he no longer wanted to be a Decepticon. Bullhorn soon got his answer when Ginrai arrived at the Decepticon base to rescue Shūta and Clouder, and Cancer decided to help him in battle against King Poseidon. As the Seacons lunged at the traitorous Cancer, Bullhorn opened fire on the drones and destroyed them, urging Cancer to get away to safety. God Ginrai: Showdown at the Decepticon Base Cancer proceeded to join up with the Autobots and offer them enough inside information to allow them to perform an all-out attack on the Decepticon base. During the battle, Bullhorn grappled with Cab, asking him if Cancer was okay, even as he throttled him. The conflict came to an end when Devil Z and BlackZarak fused together and collapsed the base, sending the Autobots, along with the Bullhorn and Wilder, tumbling into an undersea chasm. Bullhorn was unsure what to make of the situation, but joined with Wilder in opening fire on the Autobots as they attempted to convince him of the truth. Eventually, Ginrai was forced to jump Bullhorn and Wilder and knock them out in order to carry them to safety. The Ultimate Combination!! BlackZarak, the New Lifeform

Bullhorn goesbyebye

Cancer is not the only one who would have that expression with that view...

Faced with the truth of Devil Z's betrayal, Bullhorn and Wilder turned their backs on the Decepticons, but had no interest in joining the Autobots and fighting "for good”. Although a hint of doubt was visible in Bullhorn's eyes, Wilder ordered him to follow him as they left. During a later battle, however, when things were looking bad for Cancer and the Autobot Juniors, Bullhorn and Wilder unexpectedly returned to help the one person that they still considered their friend win the day. Battle to the Death!! God Ginrai VS Darkwings Reborn Now reunited, the three Juniors, along with Clouder, accompanied the Autobots to the Grand Canyon on a mission to stop the composite Devil Z/BlackZarak entity. During the battle, however, all four of them were struck with a blast of the villain's Devil Power, and were shocked to find their Master-Braces had disappeared from their wrists. Devil Z had, in fact, separated them from their Transtectors and brought the robot bodies to life as true super-robot lifeforms, all four of which rejoined the Decepticon side. Autobots! Desperate Attack!!

Unable to join in the final battle with the Decepticons on the Matterhorn directly, Bullhorn and the other three boys helped to rescue civilians and huddled in an underground shelter when Devil Z unleashed his destructive Devil Thunder across Europe. Malevolent and Inhuman! The True Form of Devil Z When the Devil Thunder bombardment was halted (thanks to Ginrai engaging BlackZarak in battle), Clouder supplied the group with an armored buggy that would allow them to join in the fight. The boys arrived too late to do anything, cresting the mountain just after God Ginrai destroyed Devil Z, at which point all the other Godmasters and Headmaster Juniors were also separated from their Transtectors. Bullhorn's living Transtector departed Earth with all the other Deception Transtectors, and was pursued by the Autobots' Transtectors to carry on the Transformers' war in space. A Battle... and Then...

Super-God Masterforce comic

Bullhorn manga

Not shown, one very nervous matador.

Bullhorn and the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors made their debut when Blood lured the Autobot Juniors into a trap to test the power of their Jinchokon. Bursting up from beneath the ground, the evil trio quickly overpowered their Autobot counterparts, but when Cancer was distracted by some endangered civilians, the heroes were able to exploit the distraction to defeat their foes. Destined Confrontation - The Children of Good and Evil!

Bullhorn and his partners did not take an active hand in any of the Decepticon plans which immediately followed, but eventually took to the front lines again when their leaders, Giga and Mega, unveiled their Transtectors for an attack on Tokyo. God Ginrai's Amazing Super-God Combination! The trio were quite happy to watch when the Decepticons captured Shūta and Cab and Blood tortured them in an attempt to force them to join the Decepticons, The Earth Family of Good and Evil and later joined Overlord in attacking various spots on Earth from the top of Mount Everest with the A.O. Laser. Decepticons' Great Counterattack! Later still, Bullhorn and the Juniors accompanied Overlord and BlackZarak in attacking another Earth city, only to be stopped by the Autobot super-weapon, the VX Bomb. Live or Die? The Desperate Super-God Combination!

In the final battle, Devil Z turned against his Decepticon minions, and they united with the Autobots against him. Bullhorn joined with all the other Transformers in combining his energy into the "Perfect Transform Attack," destroying Devil Z once and for all. With Devil Z's death, the bond he had forged between the humans and their Transtectors was severed, separating the humans and brining their Transtectors to life. Bullhorn's Transtector departed for space along with all the others. The Birth of the Super Lifeforms


Super-God Masterforce

Horribull bullhorn toy
  • Bullhorn (1988)
    • Japanese ID number: D-302
    • Accessories: Transtector, "small laser," "laser cannon"
The indistinct alternate mode of Bullhorn's Transtector is identified as buffalo, although it really looks like a terror dog from the first Ghostbusters movie. The Bullhorn Headmaster figure fits in a cockpit in the Transtector's back. The creature's tail disconnects and becomes a double-barrelled laser for robot mode.
Like all Headmaster toys, Bullhorn's robot mode features a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter in its chest, which gives readings for Speed, Strength and Intelligence (although he and the other Decepticon Junior molds are unique in that their meters are not covered by flip-down panels). The tumblers are activated when Bullhorn (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into the neck socket. Bullhorn has his robot-mode face plainly visible on his back because, as a smaller Headmaster toy, he lacks the flip-down panel that covers the face featured on larger Headmasters.
Bullhorn was sold concurrently in Hasbro markets without changes as Horri-Bull.

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