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Bulletbike is a Decepticon in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Bulletbike is a Decepticon outlaw, with a sick love for combat. He suffers from an obsessive need for speed, as slowing down reduces not only his rapidity, but his strength as well!


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Generation 2

  • Bulletbike (Power Master, 1995)
    • Power Master ID number: PM4
    • Accessories: 2 gattling guns
G2 Bulletbike toy

They see me roll on/My Segway...

Bulletbike transforms into a silver motorcycle with an orange sidecar. As a Generation 2 Power Master, Bulletbike's gimmick revolved around his powerful pull-back motor. After pulling back on his vehicle mode, inserting one of his guns into the slots on his sidecare releases a catch in the motor and allows him to zip along a smooth surface. This feature also works in robot mode.
Bulletbike has no articulation (save for being able to bow down). But then again, that is just how Megatron likes his subordinates. Deeply loyal and unable to actually raise their weapons against him. (Oddly, even the least articulated G1 toys could raise their arms, and this guy was released along with the super-posable Cyberjets.)
Along with the other Generation 2 Power Masters, Bulletbike was one of the last toys in the Generation 2 line, and was only released in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Oddly, the Australia and New Zealand releases were in US packaging, complete with Hasbro's Rhode Island address.

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