Prime-toy BulkheadKnuckle

The Arms Micron Bulkhead Knuckle (バルクヘッドナックル Barukuheddo Nakkuru) has taken the form of the Autobot hero Bulkhead.



  • Bulkhead Knuckle (Gacha Arms Micron, 2012)
    • Energon Crystal: HP Hard
Bulkhead Knuckle is an Arms Micron figure that transforms from a robot resembling Bulkhead's robot mode into a gauntlet with oversized fist, compatible with the Arms Micron weapon system via numerous 5mm posts and holes. As his arms form thumbs on each side of the main fist, the gauntlet can be worn on either arm of a larger robot. He was part of the second wave of Gacha Arms Microns.

  • Bulkhead Knuckle MX (Gacha Arms Micron, 2013)
    • ID number: 3
    • Energon Crystal: HP Hard
At the very tail-end of Prime, all twelve Gacha molds were re-released all in one go as a "Special Edition" wave through the capsule machines. The Autobots were cast in clear-blue "Matrix Power Up!" forms, retaining their normal paint operations, though the eyes have changed from blue to red.


  • Bulkhead Knuckle and the other Arms Microns with robot modes resembling larger show-cast characters are considered separate characters by this wiki on the grounds that the only fiction we have on them is the over-arcing backstory of the Arms Microns: non-living weapons were exposed to special Earth energon and turned into living miniature robots. Obviously, being a new form for Bulkhead doesn't really work with this. So until something official says otherwise....

Bulkhead Knuckle Combinations

Named combination weapons including Bulkhead Knuckle:

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