In Sick as a Bot,Bulkhead was summoned to Earth by Optimus Prime, and while he arrived ahead of the Prime, his appearance through the GroundBridge was timely, coinciding with Bumblebee, Strongarm, Sideswipe, and Fixit being infected with a malware virus carried by the Energon vampire Wingcode. Bulkhead reined in the panicked Grimlock, who had run off to do something to help (but with no idea what), engaging him in a brief fight before physically dragging Grimlock back to the scrapyard unconscious. After settling him with some calming car-smashing, as well as tranquil thoughts about Sharkticon-punching, the two Autobots set about formulating a plan - although the pair were forced to admit they were "not really thinkers." In spite of this, Grimlock came up with a clever ruse to trap Wingcode based on her hunger for more Energon, trapping her in a cave where she could not fly, caught between the two Autobots. Once pummeled into submission, her nano-cells were used as an antidote, restoring the sick Autobots, and with the mission wrapped up, Bulkhead declared he'd like to hang around until Optimus' arrival. He and Grimlock went off for some recreational granite-punching... although Bulkhead was less than gruntled to hear the Dinobot's critique of his kicking technique.

In Five Fugitives,He encountered Steeljaw when called in by Bumblebee to aid in the Decepticon's capture, initially underestimating his lupine adversary. When the Bee Team became distracted (i.e. arrested) by the arrival of Dropforge, he pursued Steeljaw to a natural gas refinery, only to find himself locked out of the facility by one of the Decepticon's subsonic force fields. He cleverly switched to "plan B", sneaking in via one of the empty pipelines, but Steeljaw detected this cunning via the refinery's security system and detonated the gas in the pipe. Bulkhead punched his way out of the pipe, then regrouped with the other Autobots who had captured the mind-controlled Dropforge and made their way to his location. Together they confronted Steeljaw and defeated his plan to blow up Crown City, but were unable to stop his escape.

In Enemy of My Enemy,Optimus finally made the rendezvous on Earth, bringing Ratchet, Windblade, Jazz and Drift with him, having determined that the High Council were mind controlling the population of Cybertron and were planning to invade Earth. While the Bee Team traveled to Cybertron to expose the council, Bulkhead and the others remained on Earth to fight the invasion. A signal led them to the steel mill that had just been burgled by a Cybertronian advance force. Within, they found a list of items pointing to the fact the advance force was building a space bridge receiver, and also a bomb which promptly exploded.  In Freedom Fighters,The group was saved by Ratchet's Triage Shield. They continued to follow the trail to the Crown City docks, where Bulkhead was the first to locate the advance force, concealed by a Light Bender. During the ensuing battle, he was hit by weapons fire, but the damage was minor enough that he recovered in time to watch the destruction of the space bridge portal that had opened. The team returned to Cybertron where Optimus nominated the rest of the group as a provisional council.


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