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The name or term Bulkhead refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Bulkhead (disambiguation).

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Bulkhead is a real nightmare for Ratchet because of his sluggishness and his habit to crush the delicate medical instruments. But, though he may not appear so, Bulkhead is a sensitive soul. This hulking, brute of an Autobot wrecker can break an unfortunate Vehicon in bits, or play video games with his human friend Miko. He is a loyal warrior, and would fight to the death to protect his friends and comrades, utilizing his crushing wrecking ball and his powerful cannons.

He also has a "history" with the Decepticon Breakdown. They have been rivals for stellar cycles and are extremely well matched.


Prime cartoon[]

Voice actor: Kevin Michael Richardson (English), Kazuya Ichijou (Japanese)

Before Bulkhead became a warrior, Bulkhead was a construction worker but only saw himself as being able to make and break stuff. Deus ex Machina When the war broke out, Bulkhead became a warrior and joined the unit known as the Wreckers. He developed a friendship with Wheeljack Con Job and fought alongside Seaspray, Rotorstorm, Roadbuster, Pyro, Impactor Loose Cannons and developed a rivalry with Breakdown Deus ex Machina. He and Wheeljack took part in an unnamed battle were he and his buddy were they had no communications, low on Energon and surrounded by Decepticons. So Wheeljack used his only remaining grenade to take out the enemy by blowing up the primary heat exchanger. Bulkhead would later comment that he would still be picking shrapnel out of his hind eons later.

Though being a Wrecker meant a lot to him, he left the unit early in the war to join Optimus Prime Con Job. During the war he also witnessed an entire unit wiped out by Tox-En which left him frightened for many years. Toxicity (episode). He also witnessed and entire bot devoured by the vile Scraplets Scrapheap

Following the exodus of Cybertron, Bulkhead's team arrived on Earth. Darkness Rising, Part 1 Bulkhead got himself used to Earth's customs by walking into some power lines. Arcee was impressed by the dance he did as a result. Scrapheap

Three years after the last heard Decepticon activity, they returned. Cliffjumper was attacked at an Energon mine but all of Team Prime was dispersed across various parts the U.S. By the time all five Autobots made it back to base and ground bridged to the location it was too late. Cliffjumper was terminated with only one of his horns left at the site. Bulkhead was then present for Cliffjumper's funeral. Later another attack came, this time on Arcee. Bulkhead once again arrived late due to traffic but arrived in time to scare off the Vehicon troops attacking Arcee and Bumblebee. The Autobot discovered that two humans boys Rafael Esquivel and Jack Darby had seen them and were brought to the base for protection. However they were accompanied by a third human girl named Miko Nakadai who saw Arcee. Miko was immediately drawn to Bulkhead and started asking him numerous questions. Darkness Rising, Part 1 Not long after they were payed a visit from special agent William Fowler who criticized the actions of Team Prime's recent commotions which angered Bulkhead who smashed one of Ratchet's toys. Later Cliffjumper's signal was back online forcing Bulk, Arcee, Bumblebee and Optimus to Nebraska to find him. After clearing through numerous Decepticon Miner's, the Autobots found him but had had been experimented on by Megatron with Dark Energon and was no longer the Cliffjumper they knew. Starscream then dropped a bomb which forced them all ti high tail it out of there. Once back at base, the humans had to go back home due to late hours. Bulkhead accompanied Miko. Darkness Rising, Part 2

The next day, Bulkhead spent the day driving down cliff sides for Miko's amusement. Once they returned to base, Optimus and Ratchet left for the Grand Canyon to investigate a possible Dark Energon sighting. Arcee not wanting to spend any time with her human partner left as well, taking Bumblebee and leaving Bulkhead by himself. After Miko started playing music, Fowler returned forcing the kids to hide. However Bulkhead compromised them. As Fowler tried to take the kids into federal custody, Bulkhead stopped him with his foot and stopped him from calling the Pentagon. Fowler left but was captured by Laserbeak soon after and sent a destress call which Bulkhead was more than willing to ignore until Jack told him otherwise. Once Bulkhead went to Fowler's rescue at the Nemesis Miko had followed him, forcing him to fight a drone on guard. Jack and Raf then followed him also to find Miko. Darkness Rising, Part 3 Bulkhead was then forced to grab all three of them and hide them behind a rock and take out the guards on the ship. Once he did that, he discovered that Miko was hidden in his chest who was sick from the acrobatic stunts Bulk had done. Bulkhead was then forced to enter the ship with Miko to get away from more Vehicons. Bulkhead then meet up with Arcee and Bumblebee who had somehow managed to get aboard as well. After a stand off with Starscream, they rescued Fowler and got out of the ship. Bulkhead was then told off by Optimus for bringing the humans with him. Bulkhead then gave a ride to Miko to Jacks house so she could convince Jack to rejoin the team after he left. It did not work.

Next day, Ratchet had finished studying a picture on the Decepticon's computer taken by Miko while they were on board the ship and discovered that it was a space bridge. Bulkhead thought Megatron was preparing to leave but Optimus corrected him, telling him that he would use it to bring fourth an army. Darkness Rising, Part 4 Bulkhead was present when Jack returned with Arcee and told Miko not to follow him. Bulk, Bee, Arcee and Optimus used the Ground Bridge to get to the space bridge and fought multiple air unit Vehicons. Due to some interference on Raf's part, the space bridge was unable to be opened right away but this soon changed and Dark Energon was sent through the bridge. Bulkhead, Arcee and Bumblebee went to disable the bridge by turning its power on its self. They succeed by Arcee was badly wounded. Bulk and the others returned to base where Miko hugged his hand. Darkness Rising, Part 5

Bulkhead was helping Miko with her science fair project when Ratchet stated complaining. Ratchet then became a protectionist and took over from the others. This resulted in the kids failing the fair Masters & Students

Bulkhead and Bumblebee were sent to the Arctic to investigate an energon beacon and found a Cybertionian pod. However, when they took it back to base, equipment in the base started malfunctioning, including the GroundBridge which was just used to send Optimus and Arcee to the Arctic. Despite Ratchet, Bumblebee and Bulkhead's best efforts, they were unable to restore power. Things only got worse when they saw Raf holding a Scraplet in his hand, causing them all to panic as it moved in to eat them. Raf was able to crush it however before it caused any major damage. Ratchet realized that the pod was a Scraplet trap. Bulkhead was more than willing to let the Scraplets keep the base but Optimus and Arcee were in the Arctic and were trapped so evac was not an option. Bulkhead and Miko went to distract the Scraplets as Ratchet attempted to restore power, but was attacked by more Scraplets. As he and Bumblebee returned to the command center, they were attacked by more Scraplets. Although the kids were able to destroy those attacking them, there were still more to account for. They attacked just as the kids repaired the Ground Bridge and it was opened for Optimus and Arcee. Bulkhead then used himself as bait for the Scraplets to follow him into the Arctic to destroy them. Once that was done, Bulkhead was put on the repair bay for fixing. Scrapheap

Bulkhead's old friend Wheeljack had entered the solar system and contacted them. Bulkhead confirmed for Optimus that it was him and explained to his friends that they were both in the Wreckers. The next day Bulkhead was very exited for Wheeljack's arrival but this was cut short from a Decepticon attack on Wheeljack's ship and it crashed. By the time they got there, Wheeljack had already taken out most of the cons himself. Bulkhead then gave Jackie a hug before they returned to base (unaware that it was actually Makeshift in disguise and Wheeljack was captured). Bulkhead introduced "Wheeljack" to Miko and Optimus Prime before playing a game of Lobbing. Bulkhead then started sharing old war stories of him and Wheeljack but noticed that Wheeljack didn't seem like himself. After Wheeljack and Miko went off the tour the base, Bulkhead stated sharing his suspicions with the gang. Once "Wheeljack" came back, Bulkhead made him tell the story of Dark Mount Pass. Though Makeshift got most of the story right, he miscalculated one little detail... Bulkhead wasn't there. Makeshift's cover was blown and he grabbed Miko and used her as a hostage. The Autobot's could do nothing but activate the Ground Bridge to allow the strike team Starscream had set up in. However just as it opened, the real Wheeljack who broke free from captivity came in and jumped his doppelganger. Both Wheeljack and Makeshift then fought with Jackie as the winner. Bulkhead then introduced a Wrecker trick to them and set off Makeshift's Wheeljack grenade as it was attached to him and threw him back to base were he was killed in the resulting explosion. The next day, Wheeljack announced his intentions to leave Earth. Though most were against this, Bulkhead knew Jackie would return. As Wheejack tried to convince Bulkhead to join him, he stated that he had responsibility's on Earth as allowed Miko to take a photo of him and Wheeljack together before his best bud left the planet. Con Job

Later Bulkhead. Arcee Bumblebee were tasked to help Optimus Prime and Agent Fowler transport a prototype nuclear device after Fowlers plane was shot down. During the trip, several green cars surrounded the gang. After confirming that they were in fact human, Optimus ordered the Autobot's to disarm them only. After much travelling, the Autobot's managed to sneak the device onto a train, After coming out the Decepticons showed up, forcing them all to transform and reveal themselves to MECH. After a fair bit of fighting the Decepticons and MECH were defeated Convoy

Bulkhead dropped by Miko's school were she sneaked in to cut detention, much to Bulkhead's irritation who told her the consequences of failing high school. Bulkhead was then sent to ancient Greece to find an Energon signal were he brought Miko to study for her history report. Once there he found a painting of an Energon Harvester as well as his old rival Breakdown. After a brief fight the pianting was destroyed, but thankfully Miko had taken a picture of the picture and showed it to the Autobots. They discovered that it was in a museum and planned to steal it with the help of Jack, Miko and Raf. However Breakdown and Knock Out arrived, forcing Bulkhead and the Autobot's to fight back. Bulkhead tried to get a direct hit on Breakdown, only to be knocked back into Knock Out and set off the building alarm which lead to Miko being captured by security and Soundwave getting the harvester. At base Bulkhead realised that Starscream would use the harvester at te site of the painting and returned there to fight Starscream, Knock Out and Breakdown all at once. Though he sustained heavy damage, Bulkhead stopped Starscreams plan and destroyed the harvester. He later picked up Miko after Agent Fowler was able to bail her out. Deus ex Machina


  • Bulkhead (Cyberverse Commander, 2012)
Accessories: Battle Mace
This is smaller version of Bulkhead, which comes with a transparent blue mace for the new light up feature.

I'm a crazy dude.

  • Bulkhead (Voyager, 2011)
This Voyager class figure is a very accurate representation of the Transformers: Prime Bulkhead. He transforms into bulky green 4x4. In humanoid mode, he doesn't suffer from the "Lugnut Syndrome" of the Animated figure. He comes with his wrecking ball that can fit on his arm after the fist is folded back.


  • Bulkhead is clearly an homage to his Transformers Animated counterpart, but they do have their differences. While Transformers Animated Bulkhead is very smart, being a space bridge "genius" and all, this one seems to be more of average intelligence saying that he was once just a labor unit, nothing else. However, this Bulkhead has the distinction of being part of the elite Wreckers unit, something Animated Bulkhead wasn't. As such, this Bulkhead is significantly more adept at combat, whereas Animated Bulkhead was more prone to clumsiness.
  • Bulkhead is very protective of and cares greatly about his human companion Miko. He has displayed a concern for her safety and well being on numerous occasions. Examples include when he told Miko to turn her head away to avoid seeing him violently tear the spark out of a Decepticon's chest, and when his nemesis, Breakdown, threatened to "pay her a visit" he went into a blind rage and tackled Breakdown to the ground and almost crushed his head with his wrecking ball.[Episode needed]
  • He is the only one of the main Autobot crew to not have any appearance in the War for Cybertron franchise so far.
  • Bulkhead has a (literal) chest cavity. This is seen when Miko stows away in his vehicle mode (she appears to be perfectly fine inside him even after he transforms). In fact, the only way he is alerted to her presence is when she knocks on his chest from the inside.
  • Bulkhead's incident when they first came to earth as commented by Arcee is a nod to a slapstick gag suffered by Ratchet in the 2007 movie.
  • There was a deleted fart gag in the Armada episode when Bulkhead was sneaking through the ventilation shaft of the Nemesis. All the stress makes him nervous enough that he lets out "exhaust fumes." A couple of Vehicons are later seen coughing from the smell.
  • Concept art for the show had Bulkhead using an "exhaust fumes granade launcher" as his signature weapon. Basically weaponizing his own flatulence.
  • Another concept art had Bulkhead with a much rounder robot mode design.