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Bulkhead might seem like a daft old codger at first. And, to be fair, he kind of is. But he's also a seasoned veteran of countless battles, and is still more than capable in his role as an aerial defense soldier; precious few are his equal. His strength and firepower are backed by a long lifetime of hard knocks that have given him incredibly skill and knowledge of aerial combat strategy.

Despite his age, he's impulsive and eager to spring into battle, loving a good brawl. This is in stark contrast to his cousin and occasional teammate Quickstrike, who prefers a much more strategic attack plan to make sure battles are as short as possible.

"I may be old, boys, but I've still got what it takes. Age before beauty, gentlemen!"
―Bulkhead, "Jungle Planet"

Japanese name: Sprung
Hungarian name: Tűzfal ("Firewall")
Russian name: Tverdolobiu (Твердолобый, "Thick-Forehead")


Energon animated continuity

Voice actor: French Tickner (US), ??? (Japan)
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Dreamwave Energon comic

Pack-in mini-comics


With the Unicron Singularity forcing the evacuation of Cybertron, Bulkhead and a number of Autobot leaders were summoned to the Iron Hope, where Ultra Magnus dispatched them across the galaxy to locate the lost Autobot colony worlds. Bulkhead was given commend of the Eclipse and sent to the Gamma Kreuger region. Force of Habit




Springer homage? Yes. Triple Changer? No.

  • Bulkhead (Ultra, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-20
    • Accessories: Artillery drone, 4 missiles
Bulkhead transforms into a large Cybertronic assault helicopter somewhat resembling an Apache. He has a double-barreled spring-loaded missile launcher on each stabilizer wing, plus pulling the trigger on his tailfin activates a gear that spins his rotor blades. Both gimmicks are available in robot mode, though the rotor mechanism becomes a hand-held weapon.
Bulkhead, like Landmine, cannot Powerlinx with other Autobot toys; instead, his size-class' gimmick is to Powerlinx with extra parts for form a "brute mode". In this case, Bulkhead comes with an artillery drone that features electronic light-and-sound action. This drone can attach to the underside of Bulkhead's copter mode to form a sort of thruster pack. In robot mode, it forms a large backpack, with the thrusters unfolding to become large cannon/claw arms. These arms also become legs for the drone's "walker" mode, giving it something to do when not attached to Bulkhead.
The Japanese release of Bulkhead has a variety of minor plastic-color differences, mainly making him a little more primary-colored and turning his legs a more blueish-gray. This has the effect of making him very dimly look like Springer, who the Japanese version is named after.
This mold was also used to make Energon Quickstrike.


  • Bulkhead seems to be a homage to Springer.

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