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230px-PrimeBook Bulkhead's Biggest Battle

Bulkhead's Biggest Battle is a storybook that ties into Transformers: Prime.


The race is on for an Energon Harvester stored in a museum. Jack and Arcee get into illegal street racing.

Featured characters


  • Knock Out's name is parsed Knockout.
  • In a passage referring back to "Masters & Students", it says Starscream was followed to the site of the space bridge explosion by "the Decepticon stealth drone, Soundwave", instead of Laserbeak.


  • This book adapts the episodes "Deus ex Machina" and "Speed Metal" in prose illustrated with screen captures.
  • The kids' high school gets the name Memorial High School on the first page, whereas it has previously been unnamed onscreen.

Differences with the episodes

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