This article is about the Cybertron-series helicopter Mini-Con. For the Armada-series speedboat Mini-Con, see Bilge.

Bulge is a Mini-Con from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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A member of the Hellflame Mini-Cons, Bulge enforces the rule of the mighty Scourge with his projectile-weapon attacks, a rare ability among the citizenry of the Jungle Planet.



  • Bulge (Mini-Con, 2005)
A retool of the Armada Emergency Mini-Con Team member Makeshift, Bulge transforms into both a twin-rotor helicopter similar to an Osprey and a double gatling cannon, with an added 5mm peg unique to this release so he could be used as a hand-held weapon. He was only available in April of 2005 with the purchase of any Galaxy Force (the Japanese name for Cybertron) toy at any store that was a "TF Station" affiliate in Japan.
An all-white version of the Team was also released in March as a Jusco store exclusive; white Bulge was available with the purchase of Leobreaker.
The same mold (minus the 5mm peg) is used by Impulsor, Rotor and Scythe.

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