Buffaloids are Cybertronians that resemble American Bison. Once they start moving, they are almost impossible to stop, using kinetic energy. Buffaloids feel lost and disorientated without a leader to take orders from, so they can be easily tricked into going where one wants them to go. They also may be a little short on brainpower. Their horns are razor sharp. They can run with surprising speed and have good maneuverability.


Robots in Disguise 

The Buffaloid Terrashock was hired by Contrail as his private enforcer, and was later imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. After the ship crashed on Earth, his damaged stasis cell was recovered by humans and placed in a museum. When Terrashock awoke, he rampaged through the museum and easily trounced Bumblebee and his team before escaping onto Crown City's highways. Terrashock was intercepted by Bumblebee's team, who had formulated a new plan to take advantage of his need for directions, and was eventually incapacitated and recaptured.

Robots in Disguise comic

Another Buffaloid by the name of Overhead was also imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. Unusually for a Buffaloid, Overhead was a cunning criminal mastermind who secretly ran the gang known as the Cybercomrade Sect. Overhead's plan to build a Space Bridge was foiled by the Bee Team, along with the help of Ultra Magnus and several old Team Prime members. 


Known Buffaloids

Background Information

  • The ability of the Buffaloids is similar in nature to the X-Men villain "Juggernaut", who appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand and Deadpool 2.
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