Budora (ブドーラ Budōra) is the leader and most powerful of the Four Oni, a team of Predacons who ultimately serve Dragotron. A dedicated warrior, he fights according to his own code of honor. Budora, unlike his fellow Predacons, would be perfectly happy if Dragotron never woke up, as he would prefer to rule Earth himself. He has one horn because he is Numero Uno.


Transformers Go!

At some point, Bakudora, Budora, Gaidora, and Judora entered stasis underground near Mount Fuji where the Demon Emperor Dragotron was buried. After a boy unknowingly unearthed Dragotron's head, the Emperor summoned his four servants to awaken from their sleep. Budora and Gaidora set out to find the red Legendisc. Finding it in the ownership of Isami Tatewaki's grandfather, they attacked and threatened the safety of bystanders till Isami handed over the Legendisc. Fortunately, the Legendisc summoned the Swordbot Samurai Team in response to Isami's desperation. Despite Gaidora summoning the combining Goradora Jaki troops, Budora and Gaidora were forced to retreat against the power of the Swordbots' combinations.

TFGoSamurai2 Budora contemplates Legendisc

When the Swordbots had a conference with Autobot Commander Optimus Prime, Budora sent a robot drone in the shape of a butterfly to spy on the meeting. Through this, Budora found that Legendiscs in the past and the present could connect, enabling time travel. He interrupted Judora, who was in the process of doing the same thing with the other Swordbot team, and told his fellow Predacon that Dragotron's self-repair systems were working slowly. With Bakudora in tow, Budora used the blue Legendisc in Dragotron to travel to the Sengoku period. There, they found the green Legendisc in the possession of Musashi Miyamoto and stole it, earning the swordsman's enmity. Budora suggested that they should just conquer the past with the power of the green Legendisc, but brushed it off as a joke when Bakudora pointed out this would betray Dragotron. They were soon found by the Samurai Team, who came from the future to stop their interference with the natural path of history. Despite more Jaki troops, Budora and Bakudora's threat in the past was ended through the efforts of the Samurai Team, Isami, and Musashi.

TFGoSamurai3 Budora Bakudora beast modes

Budora and Bakudora headed back to the past again, aiming to retrieve the Legendisc from a young Ryōma Sakamoto, only to discover that Isami and the Samurai Team had already arrived. Bakudora did most of the work on that mission, which ended when the Samurai team attacked the pair, resulting in everyone being returned to the future. Dragotron continued to slumber, which suited Budora just fine, since he'd prefer to rule Earth himself. It wasn't to be, however, as Dragotron picked that moment to pour energy into the two Predacons and violently awaken. The two Predacons soon found Tobio Fūma and the Swordbot Shinobi Team, freshly returned from the past with a Legendisc, and attacked, Dragotron's power causing them to grow to immense size. Despite this power, the pair were defeated by the Swordbots shortly before Dragotron himself arrived to lend a hand. Despite the additional arrival of Optimus Exprime, Budora grabbed Tobio and made off with him and the two Legendiscs he was carrying. Later, during the battle between Dragotron and the Autobots at Mount Fuji, the Predacon summoned the Four Oni, and to their surprise absorbed them to add their power to his own. This still wasn't enough to prevent Dragotron's and the others eventual defeat and reimprisonment.


  • Budora's name is short for "Fighter Dragon" (武闘・ドラ budō - dora), as demonstrated in his function of "Fighter Oni" (武闘鬼 Budōki).
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