Buddy System Buddy Bracelets

Not dissimilar to handcuffs, Buddy Bracelets keep two humans from straying too far away from each other. Whereas handcuffs use metal chains, Buddy Bracelets go for a more hi-tech approach, creating a magnetic charge that provides an irresistible pull when separated. They can be unlocked with keys, or by exposing them to an electromagnetic pulse.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Buddy System"

Chief Burns brought a box of Buddy Bracelets along on a Lad Pioneer nature hike, intending the hikers to use them to pair up using the buddy system. Unfortunately after they'd donned their bracelets, Jerry accidentally ran over the box in his truck, destroying the keys and permanently buddying everyone up. The hikers eventually removed the bracelets by hiking to Griffin Crest and using the EMP field there to deactivate them.

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