Buddy is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.
Buddy falling

Laserbeak demonstrates the proper method of disposing with unwanted human sidekicks.

Buddy lives in a small town near the Decepticon anti-gravity base. Buddy wanted an adventure, so he stowed away in a compartment in Optimus Prime's leg when the Autobots passed through town.

Buddy has now had his fill of adventure, and fervently wishes to live a long and boring life.


Find Your Fate Junior

The Decepticons turned the anti-gravity gun on Buddy's town, causing everyone to float up into the air. When the Autobots came upon the town, they elected to stop the Decepticons at the source rather than stop to rescue the townspeople, but Buddy stowed away with Optimus Prime in the confusion. When he was discovered, the Autobots decided to bring him along rather than turn back.

Buddy used his knowledge of human history to suggest a Trojan Horse ruse to penetrate the Decepticon base. Once there, he was able to move unnoticed by the Decepticons and killer drones. He helped disarm the anti-gravity gun, performed emergency surgery on Optimus Prime, got dropped from a height by Laserbeak, and even got to fly Cosmos (who caught him). Desert Flight

Buddy had a great adventure, but he wouldn't want to do that every day!

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