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Bud Hansen is a human from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

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Bud Hansen, Tim and Coby's younger brother, is a young boy, with all the exuberance and naivete that comes with. Though he's far from stupid, his imagination rules him. A fan of bad sci-fi movies and the Galactic Guardians, he doesn't just want to be a movie director when he grows up—he wants to be a movie director now. As such, he has a quirky flair for drama, though it's tempered by a sense of fair play.

Despite his years, Bud is able to be surprisingly mature and even somewhat wise when he has to be. This doesn't keep him from getting himself and the more foolish of his robot friends into some rather bad situations (like unprotected orbital reentry). Fortunately (or unfortunately), the Transformers don't seem to know enough about human development to apply the necessary butt-whuppins to prevent these minor disasters.

With his brother and their friend Lori, Bud assists the Autobots during their search for the Cyber Planet Keys. He has probably bonded the most with the geeky Mini-Con Jolt, who calls him "Bud-dude", after Bud insisted he stop saying "Master Bud". (Not that it's much of an improvement, dorkiness-wise.) He believes that if they wanted to, the Autobots could walk around in plain sight as long as people thought they were just fanboys wearing costumes. The sad thing is...he's probably right.


Cybertron cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Ryan Hirakida (English), Mayumi Kurokawa (Japanese)

Bud doesn't trust the government because he's seen enough TV to know better. Smart kid!

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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  • According to TV Aichi's Galaxy Force webpage, Bud is 11 years old at the beginning of the series.
  • Early promotional materials for Galaxy Force showed a somewhat different character model for Bud.
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