Buckingham is a human in the Dreamwave portion of the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

The silver-haired Buckingham is not the smoothest officer in the Las Vegas Police Department, but he knows where his duty lies.

(With the Decepticons, duh.)

Buckingham is presumably his surname.


Hardwired Buckingham approaches his fellow officer Ryan O'Brien, sounding out his feeling about the Decepticon occupation of Las Vegas. Buckingham tells O'Brien to come to the Palms Grayson Hotel parking garage at 2AM if he wants to do something about it.

When O'Brien shows, Buckingham and his fellow officers beat him to death.

Turns out they're actually Decepticon supporters trying to remove the troublemakers. Bummer.

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