This article is about the Universe Micromaster Decepticon. For the Micromaster Collection Decepticon, see Scrapper (Micromaster Collection).

Buckethead is a Decepticon whose continuity of origin is unknown, but who was caught up in the Universe war.
BucketheadUnivMM InstructArt

"Give me back my guitar!"

Buckethead is one of the six Micromaster Constructicons who combine into Constructicon Devastator, Buckethead forming the chest. Buckethead's personality, like that of his comrades, is unknown. It is also unknown what, if any, connection he has with the other green-and-purple front-end loaders throughout the multiverse.



  • Buckethead (Micromaster, 2004)
Uni Micromaster Buckethead toy

"Fine, have it. I'm keeping Megatron's nickname, though."

A redeco of Gran Arm, Buckethead transforms into a front-end loader. He forms the chest of Constructicon Devastator.
A K•B Toys exclusive, he was sold on an individual card with the hips and upper legs to Constructicon Devastator. He and the other Micromaster Constructicons were also ultimately available from Sears during Christmastime, and K-Mart's online store.


  • Buckethead is clearly an homage to the Generation One Constructicon Scrapper. The fact that several of his equally-homage-y teammates did keep their G1 names suggests that the use of "Buckethead" was likely due to trademark issues at the time.

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