RulesAndRegulations Boulder in bubble tent

Bubble tents are self-inflating (and deflating) structures designed to be used by humans while camping, however they are also large enough to accommodate at least two Rescue Bots. They are built to withstand exceedingly high temperatures.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Rules and Regulations"

A bubble tent was among the camping equipment stored at the Griffin Rock fire station. Blades accidentally deployed it over Boulder before Chase pointed out that it clearly said in the manual not to deploy it indoors. Chase later took the tent with him when the Rescue Bots headed for Griffin Crest. During a subsequent emergency in which Heatwave was immobilized over Old Parker, Chase used the bubble tent to shield them both so they could be hauled to safety.

"Rescue Boy"

The Rescue Bots put Cody in the bubble tent to keep him safe. It mostly made him feel like a hamster.

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