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:''Japanese name:'' '''Bruticus'''
:''Japanese name:'' '''Bruticus'''
:''Hungarian name'': '''Maximusz''' (wow, just wow)
:''Hungarian name'': '''Brutikusz'''

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Bruticus Maximus is a Decepticon in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Bigger, Badder, Battling Dudicus Maximus?

Bruticus Maximus is one of four ancient Combiner robots chosen to guard the Super Energon pools deep within Cybertron. He and his peers were awakened from countless years of stasis by Megatron when Superion Maximus's brother is destroyed by the Decepticon leader.

He and his friend Constructicon Maximus are quite willing to abandon their duty to follow a strong leader whom they believe represent Cybertron's future, a Decepticon-dominated future.

He is the combined form of the Destruction Team:

Japanese name: Bruticus
Hungarian name: Brutikusz


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Trevor Devall (English), Makoto Yasumura (Japanese)

When Megatron destroys Superion Maximus's brother, he unlocks the living seal on the Super Energon pool and awakens the remaining Combiners. While Superion Maximus is aghast at his brother's destruction, the Decepticon combiners are merely curious about who managed to reactivate them. Megatron declared that the Super Energon was his and that he was master of all Decepticons. Ambition

Superion Maximus protested that the Super Energon belonged to all Transformers as Megatron jumped into the pool, changing into Galvatron once again. When the Autobot combiner tries to attack the reborn Decepticon leader to no avail, Galvatron orders the two Decepticon combiners to give chase as Superion Maximus flees. Later, Superion confronts the two Decepticons, saying that they've been protecting the Super Energon for millions of years now, so why do they let one transformer have control of it all. Bruticus Maximus and Contructicon Maximus merely reply that Galvatron is their master now, and that he represents the future of Cybertron. Galvatron

Ever walk a mile in another man's limbs?

Bruticus Maximus eventually paid for his treachery when a vengeful Superion Maximus attacked both Decepticon combiners. Surprised by the Autobot combiner's ferocity, both Decepticons were caught off-guard at first, until they over-confidently held him down, which proved to be their downfall. Superion launched all of his limbs at Constructicon Maximus, pinning against a wall, as Superion's central component Storm Jet crushed the Decepticon combiner's spark, killing him.

Angered, Bruticus Maximus destroyed Superion's limbs, then began crushing him. Just as it seemed hopeless, a ghost-like entity appeared and shot off Bruticus' arm, freeing Superion. It was image of Superion's older brother. Superion Maximus powerlinked with the dead Constructicon Maximus' limbs and attacked the confused Bruticus, piercing his spark, and causing a massive explosion which destroyed the remaining Decepticon. Spark



  • Bruticus Maximus (2004, 2005)

Japanese ID Number: SD-21

Bruticus Maximus is composed of his five team members, with Barricade forming his central body component. His limbs' Energon weapons form his hands and feet. Similarly to Generation 1's Scramble City combiner teams, Bruticus Maximus (as well as Superion Maximus and Constructicon Maximus) feature universal connection points for the limbs, allowing many different combinations and even swapping of limbs from different teams.
Only Barricade, Kickback and Stormcloud were initially released in 2004 for the North American, Asian and Australasian markets, with Blackout and Blight released later in 2005 and even 2006. This unfortunately led to many consumers having an incomplete Bruticus Maximus for many months.

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