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The name or term Bruticus refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Bruticus (disambiguation).

Bruticus is the combined form of the Combaticon team. A terrifying sight on the battlefield, Bruticus is one of the strongest of all Combiners and Transformers. He can pulverize a suspension bridge with one 14,000 psi punch. He can lift up to 500,000 pounds. His armor is impervious to almost every form of artillery and radiation.

He's also dumb as a sack of hammers. But as far Decepticon combiners go, that's not a problem. In fact, Megatron wishes that he had an army of Bruticuses (Brutici?), and Optimus Prime is thankful that he doesn't.

Bruticus is composed of:

and sometimes also

Foreign names[]

  • Japanese: Bruticus (ブルーティカス, Burūtikasu)
Italian name (toyline): Multiforce
Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Brutus
Serbian name: Brutikus



Marvel Comics continuity[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

"Where Bruticus helmet go?"

Bruticus was first glimpsed in a vision Buster Witwicky received from the Creation Matrix, when he saw the Combaticons forming Bruticus to attack him. When Optimus Prime joined Buster for another vision, they saw the Combaticons form Bruticus to join a fight between Menasor and Defensor only for Menasor to accidentally shoot him. Also witnessing the vision, Shockwave set about adding Bruticus to the Decepticons' ranks. Second Generation

When the Combaticons accompanied Megatron on his attempt to steal the hydrothermocline, they formed Bruticus to meet the threat of Optimus Prime and Defensor and managed to capture Ethan Zachary, only to disassemble soon afterwards so they could join a virtual reality video game. Afterdeath

The Combaticons formed Bruticus in a northern California rail yard to battle the Protectobots, who subsequently formed Defensor. The two soon battled to a standstill, as Bruticus' sonic stun gun proved no match for Defensor's force field, but the Decepticon eventually managed to topple his foe by smacking him around with an entire train. Bruticus then noticed Blaster, who claimed to have left the Autobots, and seemingly killed a child to prove it. Bruticus was so impressed that he didn't notice Blaster toppling a power line on him, blasting him into his component parts. Child's Play

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American cartoon continuity[]

Voice Actor: Roger C. Carmel (US), Yutaka Shimaka (Japan)
Bruticus cartoon

"Bruticus crush... Bruticus destroy human who draw Bruticus wrong!"

Bruticus became active for the first time during a battle between Starscream's rogue Decepticon brigade and Megatron's forces. Anticipating Megatron's expected moves, he waited for his former leader to order the Constructicons to merge into Devastator. Starscream then unleashed his surprise - he similarly ordered the Combaticons to form the mighty Bruticus. Though extremely low in intelligence, even by the standards of combined robots, he was also extremely powerful, easily defeating Devastator and sending the remaining Decepticons loyal to Megatron into retreat. Unfortunately, the Stunticons arrived and formed Menasor, who launched an attack from behind, quickly subduing Bruticus. Starscream's Brigade

Revenge of bruticus 2 threratenShockwave

"Bruticus want be drawn proper!"

Starscream and the Combaticons were banished from Earth on an asteroid, and the group quickly had a falling-out. After Starscream left, the Combaticons attacked Cybertron, easily defeating Shockwave and his drones. Thirsting for revenge, the Combaticons reprogrammed the Space Bridge to pull Earth closer to the Sun, in the hopes of destroying it and every Transformer there. The Autobots and Decepticons temporarily joined forces to retake Cybertron and prevent Earth's destruction, and with Starscream's help, they deactivated the Combaticons once they formed Bruticus through a fail-safe device built into the treacherous giant's back. Optimus Prime and Megatron agreed that Bruticus must be destroyed, but the Decepticon leader fooled the Autobots by using Shockwave's holographic simulator to make it appear as though Bruticus was destroyed, when in reality the combiner was reprogrammed to be loyal only to Megatron. The Revenge of Bruticus

Revenge of bruticus 16 brains

"See! Bruticus head not empty!"

Soon afterwards, during Megatron's latest scheme on Earth involving the theft of fighter aircraft using Middle-Eastern criminals, the Combaticons were called into service to defend Megatron's Giant Purple Griffin, a large... thing that apparently pumped oil. Or something. Struggling against the Aerialbots, the Combaticons formed Bruticus, yet were still knocked over when the Autobot planes twisted a tow cable around his legs. The Decepticon combiner was finally defeated when the Aerialbots ignited the nearby oil wells, causing a massive explosion that sent Megatron, Rumble and Bruticus flying away. Aerial Assault

Note: This episode was originally broadcast before "Starscream's Brigade", which caused lots of confusion and errors.
Bruticus punch planebot

"Bruticus punch planebot so hard, make artist draw all over cel!"

Later, Bruticus was walking down the street, minding his own business (i.e. attacking a human city) when BAM! Bruticus was destroyed in battle with Defensor (man, this guy can't seem to catch a break). Only Swindle survived, and he sold the remains of his comrades to various mercenaries and third-world dictator-types, only to be forced to locate and rebuild the Combaticons by Megatron. The reformed Bruticus was then defeated when Megatron's disruptor cannon was overloaded by the human-built B.O.T., once again sending the Decepticon flying into the sky. B.O.T.

It's interesting to note that Bruticus wasn't nearly as dumb in the animated series as his toy's bio said he was, which stated that he would likely do nothing if nobody gave him orders. In the animated series Bruticus was perfectly capable of acting on his own. Fight or Flee, The Burden Hardest to Bear, The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Japanese cartoon continuity[]

Scramble City OVA[]


Et tu, Bruticus?

In 1986, the Autobots and their human allies worked diligently on their "Scramble City" project, a giant mobile fortress. Several Decepticons under the command of Starscream were dispatched to attack the secret construction site, but were defeated by the Aerialbots. Due to Starscream's failure to stop the Aerialbots, the Stunticons were quickly sent in, and soon in the battle formed Menasor. Menasor managed to corrupt Superion's formation by shooting one of his own limbs onto his opponent, rendering Superion vulnerable. However, he was soon stopped, and Superion regained his balance. Eventually, the Combaticons came in to help Menasor (though not willingly), forming Bruticus. The two tag-teamed against Superion, but were both stopped when Scramble City itself was brought into battle to end the conflict. Scramble City

The Headmasters cartoon[]

The Mystery of Planet Master
Bruticus attacked of the Raiden . A Dream Is Born, Double Prime, Operation Cassette , Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1, Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2, Head On!! Fortress Maximus , The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg, The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide, The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1) , The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)

Zone cartoon[]

General Bruticus
Zone Bruticus

When Violen Jigar the Empire of the Decepticons his first two was to Nine Great Demon Generals and together with Overlord, Abominus and Menasor attacking to the Zone Base was to Energon Z. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

G1 Bruticus Sunstorm damage

"Bruticus suntan lotion no work!"

Mighty Bruticus created from members of Combaticons. But then truckbot and bossbot go away, thought killed, though not by Bruticus. Robots make deal which make Combaticons not work together. Bruticus not like deal, but components agree, forcing Bruticus to go to sleep...

Starbot later take components to fleshie world. Components attack Autobot base, and form Bruticus, but Autobots blow up base. Starbot yell at Bruticus, but not Bruticus fault. Soon, Bruticus components damaged in battle by Burning bot, Starbot order components to form mighty Bruticus! Bruticus try to smash Burning bot, but Burning bot too fast. ARGH! Burning bot burn Bruticus' face! Bruticus go to sleep... Black Sunshine


"Give purse to BRUTICUS!"

Components training by fighting egobot when strangebot interrupt. Components recognize danger, and form Mighty Bruticus! Strangebot attack Bruticus! Bruticus ANGRY! Bruticus try to stop strangebot guns, but strangebot use foot-gun to hurt Bruticus!

Coward Starbot fly away like coward. Strangebot, open wings like birdbot and chase, but Bruticus stop birdbot. Bruticus want birdbot to DIE! No! Stupid gun, broken! Birdbot hurt Bruticus again, and Bruticus go to sleep... The Route of All Evil

Bruticus want to appear again, but company close down because fleshie bad with money. Bruticus hate fleshie! Bruticus not want to go to sleep forever!


Generation One[]

Bruticus toy

"Rargh... many transform Bruticus wrong... and blame Bruticus design..."

  • Bruticus (Multi-pack, 1986, 2009)
    • Japanese ID number: D-69
Bruticus is formed from all five Combaticon toys. The four smaller Combaticons attach via sockets in Onslaught's shoulders and the bottom of his feet. Fists and feet pads attach onto the four limbs, and Bruticus is completed with a large chest plate and a helmet covering Onslaught's head. He wields Onslaught's sonic stun-gun in battle. As with all Scramble City-style combiner teams, his limbs can be rearranged into any slot of one's choosing.
In most markets, only the individual Combaticons were released, and the giftset was only available in Japan and Italy.
This mold was redecoed and later retooled to make Operation Combination Battle Gaia, and Robots in Disguise/Universe Ruination.

Generation 2[]

  • Bruticus (1994)

"Bruticus feel...pretty?"

Generation 2 Bruticus is a redeco of the original Bruticus toy, or more accurately, a redeco of the entire Combaticon team. Functionally, he is identical to the original toy, though composed of his entire team's crazy bright colors and name labels on the Combaticons, in case Bruticus ever needed to perform recon with G2 Megatron Earth's many day-glo jungles.
During Generation 2, only the individual Combaticons were released.

Universe (2008)[]

  • Bruticus Maximus (2009)
This figure is a redeco of Energon Bruticus Maximus. Barricade is now painted black as Onslaught, Blight / Kickback (Energon) mold is repainted into Blastoff and a more show-accurately coloured Brawl, and Blackout / Stormcloud mold is redecoed into Vortex and Swindle. Interestingly, Swindle is now a helicopter, while Blastoff is a tank. It could easily be said that Hasbro got the names wrong between the characters. (Or they just wanted the traditional Energon configuration by turning it into the commonly used Generation One configuration.)
It can also be noted that on each Combaticon's vehicle mode, there are letters or numbers that can be re-read upside down or can be short for each characters name.


  • Somehow, a group mind Transformer who shares five brains is incredibly stupid, though they are all trying to take control of the combined body.
  • Much like the individual Combaticons who form him, Bruticus's animation model has a design difference from the toy. In his case, the chest plate is drawn to look like it is formed from Blast Off...who is already forming Bruticus's arm.
  • Bruticus is one of the few Decepticon Combiners where every one of his individual "parts" get along when not combined. This could explain why Bruticus is able to preform better than most other Combiners. Episodes like "Starscream's Brigade" and "The Revenge of Bruticus" further support this as in both episodes Bruticus was shown to be very powerful and capable of doing things on his own. He even defeated Devastator in one-on-one combat despite being the first time Bruticus combined. The only other Decepticon Combiner that is as good, if not better, is Predaking, whose five "parts" also get along well.
  • Bruticus is the "Scramble City" robot with the largest number of redecoes, even without counting the differences between the Car Robots and Robots in Disguise versions of Valdigus/Ruination.
  • For every version of the Bruticus mold, the packaging art depicts the Brawl figure on backwards.

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