"I love the sound of Autobots crunching under my feet!"
―Bruticus while killing Autobots on the Ark [src]

Bruticus was the first combiner created by the mad scientist Shockwave. For all his strength and power, however, the monstrous gestalt has only the most rudimentary mind, capable of wanton destruction and little else.

Bruticus is the combined form of five Combaticons:

He is also known as Bruticus Maximus.


Transformers: Exodus

Shockwave created Bruticus Maximus when working in Crystal City. Though Bruticus's individual components were intelligent, the combined form was a monster who had trouble telling friend from foe, and he was put into stasis.

Following Crystal City's destruction during the war with the Autobots, Bruticus was revived and was ordered to serve on the battlefield at Praxus. During this battle, he took wounds that would prove to be fatal to any other Cybertronian and survived, albeit heavily injured. He would not be so lucky during his deployment at Kalis, with Optimus Prime, Jazz and Sideswipe dismembering Bruticus to the point it was believed he would never combine again. Sideswipe boasted he tore off his head. Not even this would destroy the combiner for good; Bruticus later saw action at the forefront of the Nova Cronum massacre.

Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

After escorting Shockwave and the Dark Spark to the gates of Kaon, the Combaticons combined into Bruticus to deal with the Autobot forces that were laying siege to the area. The giant warrior made swift work of them and was lumbering back to the gates when Cliffjumper jumped onto his back and attempted to plant a detonation pack. However, Bruticus struggled and eventually sandwiched Cliffjumper against his back and the wall. Taking the injured Autobot prisoner, Shockwave forced the Autobots to stand down lest Bruticus crush Cliffjumper. But even though the Decepticons now had clear passage into Kaon, Shockwave had Bruticus bring Cliffjumper inside anyway so he'd have a test subject to test the power of the Dark Spark on.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Bruticus was formed by the Combaticons when they were making a last ditch effort to salvage a mission to capture a large Autobot Energon transport. After the team disabled the anti-air guns, the got their dropship close enough for all five of them to depart onto the ship and combine. Bruticus's raw strength allowed him to easily eliminate the transport's crew, but the damage he did to the ship caused it to crash land. Bruticus was later formed again when Megatron launched a mission to retake Trypticon. He didn't do much during the mission beyond forcing open a huge door that allowed Megatron and other Decepticons enter the facility that Autobots kept Trypticon in, as the door proved so heavy that Bruticus had to stay in one place to keep it open. Bruticus was last seen during the Decepticon attack on the Ark, where he launched an attack on the ship's exterior, killing most of the crew he came across and damaging its fuel storage before being confronted by Jazz and Jetfire, who managed to defeat him and knock him off the ship. It remains unknown if he survived.


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San Diego Comic-Con

Bruticus-Comic-Con Exclusive.jpg

Generations: Fall of Cybertron "Decepticon Bruticus" is a San Diego Comic-Con 2012-exclusive multi-pack containing all five Combaticons in game-accurate colors. While Onslaught forms the torso, the remaining team members can serve as any of the four limbs, though the official configuration has Vortex as the left arm, Blast Off as the right arm, Decepticon Brawl as the left leg, and Swindle as the right leg. The individual weapons the Combaticons have can be combined into a "sonic cannon" for Bruticus to wield via 5mm post.

This figure was slightly changed to make Ruination.

Transformers: Generations


The mass-retail release of Fall of Cybertron "Decepticon Bruticus" is created by combining the five

Combaticons, which were only available separately as part of the second wave of 2012-onwards Generations Deluxe Class toys. They each feature more colorful decos.


  • Early on in Exodus, Bruticus Maximus and Onslaught are referred to as "Constructicons". The Constructicons here are a larger team than normal, but given that this description shortly follows a paragraph talking about definite, actual Constructicons and that the Combaticons' team name IS mentioned later, this seems a likely error by Alpha Trion or Alex Irvine.
  • Bruticus's head is available in Fall of Cybertron multiplayer as an Omega-type component for Destroyer-class characters.
  • Bruticus appears at the end of a chapter that focuses on the Combaticons, where his strength is needed to punch through the Autobot lines. His primary weapon is his melee attack with his bare hands, and he can throw three different melee attacks at once, unlike most other characters in the game. He also has a flamethrower that destroys most enemies in one hit and reloads instantly (and doesn't require the player to collect ammo) and he can also use Vortex's spinning rotor blades as a shield. In addition, he has the ability to punch the ground to send a shockwave at his enemies, destroying them instantly (this ability recharges quickly, and while it can be hard to aim the shockwave is so big it doesn't matter). On the other hand, Bruticus is (understandably) the slowest character in the game, and can't jump, boost, or dash. This means he can't avoid damage unless he uses his shield. This isn't much of a weakness since he can keep shooting his flamethrower without having to reload, his melee attack takes out any opponent in one hit, he has ten times as much health as a normal character and his energon shields recharge very quickly. Dying while using him isn't very likely. When he's fought as a boss, he also has the ability to fire artillery shells from the cannons on his back, which the player can't do while using him.
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