350px-WFC Brute vs Autobots
Brutes are the heavy melee hitters in the Great War. They can be found on both sides, including the Neutrals.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

Found in both the Autobot and Decepticon armies, Brutes walk around wielding large hammers and shields, making frontal assault not only difficult, but near suicidal. They are capable of generating disruptive shockwaves as well, meaning opponents aren't safe even at a distance. Against flyers like Starscream or Silverbolt, Brutes can fire missiles to swat them from the sky. The Brutes' only weak point is on their back, a power pack which is vulnerable to impact or firepower and will explode if hit enough. It's just a matter of surviving long enough to hit their backs. 


  • During the Zeta Prime boss battle, he summons holographic versions of himself. These holograms appear in Decepticon Escalation and are titled 'Holo-brutes'.
  • Brutes appear in both Escalation modes.
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