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Browning is a small pet Transformer given to Cancer from Mega. He is adorable, playful and good-natured. Not your typical Decepticon at all. Being tiny, he transforms into a human-sized handgun that shoots various projectiles and liquids, but rarely anything of the lethal variety.

English-Malay dub name: B.M.


Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Kyōko Yamada

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Masterforce manga


Super-God Masterforce

Why does a guy that turns into a gun need so many guns?

  • Browning (1988)
    • Japanese ID number: D-308
    • Accessories: Left & right "closed" fists, left & right "open" fists, 2 "Sniper Shot" rifles, 5 bullets
Browning transforms into a Browning M1910 pistol. In his quite realistic pistol mode, he can fire bullets (or his fists) from the muzzle thanks to a spring-loaded assembly attached to his trigger. This rather weak firing mechanism can also be triggered by pressing the small yellow sight above the muzzle, which is used to activate the gimmick in robot mode, since the muzzle forms his right arm. His two silver-chromed rifles can be held in his "open" fists, or plugged into holes on his shoulders.


  • Browning was originally part of the "Gun Robo" subset of the Microchange series, just as Megatron was. This version of the toy had gold chrome with red plastic where the Browning toy is blue, and is the source of his cartoon coloration. He is hardly the only Masterforce character in the cartoon who sports non-toy colors.
  • Browning is one of the very few Transformers toys meant to be a (roughly) 1:1-scale representation of the character outside of the Real Gear Robots line.

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