Bronco Kowalski card RID

Bronco Kowalski, AKA the "Poughkeepsie Piledriver", is a famous football player.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise 

More than Meets the Eye

Bronco's helmet found its way to Denny Clay's scrapyard. When Russell wanted to go play at the football field, Denny provided him with the helmet. Hank commented that it looked like something Bronco Kowalski would wear, and Russell confirmed it had previously been owned by Kowalski.

Battlegrounds, Part 1

Hank gave Russell a spare Bronco Kowalski trading card her dad possessed. Fracture later used a hologram to fool Russell into thinking Hank had returned to reclaim the card, in order to get him to shut down the scrapyard's security system. 

Robots in Disguise issue 5

After fumbling a catch, Hank complained that she wasn't living up to the standards set by Bronco Kowalski.

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