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Brisko is a Headmaster Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.

Not Diana Ross, either. Much to his chagrin.

Brisko is not Bruce Campbell. He is a cartographer, though. An, um, evil cartographer. With a photographic memory, to remember those evil maps clearly. He transforms into the head of Fangry, and is the only black person known to exist on Nebulos.

Presumably, he is not related to Lennie Briscoe or Larry Zbyszko


Marvel Comics continuity


(Center) You wouldn't like me when I'm Fangry.

Brisko was a member of the Z Foundation, a front company for the Decepticons on Earth. He went under the alias "Mr. B." Impenetrable, I swear.

He, Kreb and Lokos gave the newly-formed Roadjammers the information and "jammer" equipment needed to hunt down the Autobot prisoners (Backstreet, Fizzle and Sizzle) that had been set loose on Earth as a test of the jamming equipment. When the Roadjammers returned with their prisoners, they found the three Nebulans' not-even-remotely-hidden Decepticon bodies. The Nebulans arrived and connected with the bodies, but some double-crossing work on the jammers by Felix left the robots under his control... which was eventually broken by Lord Zarak's "anti-jammer". Ca$h and Car-nage!

(Note: Since Fangry appeared a lot in later issues, technically so too did Brisko. However, this is the only time we see Brisko independently of his Decepticon partner.)


Generation One

  • Fangry (Headmaster, 1988)
Brisko is a small armored humanoid figure that fits within Fangry's belly when the larger robot is in winged-wolf mode. He folds up to form Fangry's head, though he is also compatible with any other Headmaster body. He was, of course, only available with his larger partner.
This toy is was sold in Japan as Wilder.



Able to jump tall robots in a single bound!

  • Brisko's character model made one animated appearance in a commercial advertising the 1988 Autobot and Decepticon Headmasters. Fangry, Horri-Bull, and Squeezeplay burst through a wall, Brisko becomes Fangry's head as they transform, and the three engage the new Headmaster Autobots. [1]

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