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Brimstone is a Jungle Planet Decepticon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.


Brimstone isn't much for thinking. He's more comfortable taking orders from his leader Scourge, but when left on his own, would rather simply follow Undermine's lead. He really enjoys his position as one of Scourge's right-claw mechs, since it gives him an unrivaled opportunity to beat people up without reprisal.

About the only thing Brimstone's brain is good for is playing Praxus Fold 'Em. He and Undermine typically play during quiet nights in the Jungle Temple, with chores as the high stakes.

Japanese name: Terra Shaver


Cybertron cartoon continuity

Voice Actor: Terry Klassen (US), Yasuyuki Kase (Japan)

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  • Brimstone (Deluxe class, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GD-10
    • Accessories: Jungle Cyber Planet Key
As part of the Jungle Planet theme, Brimstone transforms into a robotic pterodactyl. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into his back releases a pair of spring-loaded blades from the his wings, a gimmick available in both modes. He comes with a silver-border Jungle-type Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro version has the Key Code "d0h3" stamped on the back.
The Takara and Hasbro versions have a variety of small color differences, largely in the realm of different shades of the same colors.
  • Sideways, Brimstone, Thunderblast ("Value Pack", 2005)
Brimstone was also available in a Toys "R" Us exclusive "Value Pack" alongside Sideways and Thunderblast; all three normally-carded toys were put in a large cardboard "sleeve" that let the bubbles stick out. This set retailed for $29.99... and since Deluxes were $9.99... not much of a "value" there.

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