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Brian Tyler (born May 8, 1972) is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, conductor, arranger, DJ and producer who composed the theme song as well as the background music for Transformers: Prime.

He composed the scores for Iron Man 3Thor: The Dark World (including the Marvel Studios fanfare that debuted with this movie), Avengers: Age of Ultron (with Danny Elfman), Now You See Me, Patriots DayCrazy Rich Asians, the current fanfare of the Universal Pictures logo (adapted from Jerry Goldsmith's), the NFL Theme for ESPN, the main theme music for Formula One, and five installments of The Fast and the Furious franchise.

He also scored the TV series Sleepy Hollow, Scorpion, Yellowstone, and the Orci-Kurtzman remake of Hawaii Five-0, as well as the Shia LaBeouf films The Greatest Game Ever PlayedConstantine, and Eagle Eye. His music has gained greater exposure after being used for many film trailers and sports games.

He is not Tyler Bates.

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