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The name or term Breakdown refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Breakdown (disambiguation).

Breakdown is extremely paranoid: he thinks that everyone and everything is out to get him. He prefers to do his duties in anonymity. He whines like there is no tomorrow, which he may think is true. He is very fast and often wants to race with other Decepticons, and Breakdown's ego is second only to Starscream's.

But these days, Breakdown seems to have gotten over his paranoia and works as Knock Out's medical assistant. The latter saddles him with all the hard work, but Breakdown seems not to be uneasy about this. He has also taken on a more bulky appearance and loves to smash anything he's directed at. Even after losing an optic to some human pests he's still eager to prove his worth to the Decepticon cause. He also has an unspecified history with Autobot Bulkhead.

"Boo hoo. I'm shedding lubricant."
―Breakdown displays his caring nature to Miko.


Prime cartoon

Voice Actor: Adam Baldwin (English), Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese), Fabio de Castro (Portuguese), Christoph Banken (German)

Breakdown had a rivalry with Autobot Wrecker Bulkhead Deus ex Machina who committed crimes that have left Bulkhead very disturbed. Operation: Breakdown

Breakdown engaging the Autobots in vehicle mode.

Breakdown and Knock Out were tracing an Energon signal when Starscream called them asking for their assistance to help a heavily damaged Megatron, however Breakdown stayed behind to finish his mission and discovered an Energon Harvester on Earth that can be used to directly retrieve Energon from its source without having to be mined. He also found and attacked his old friend Bulkhead while the Autobot and Miko were exploring an Energon deposit. He smashed Bulkhead into a painting of the Energon Harvester to stop the Autobots from finding it. He returned to the Nemesis to report his findings to Starscream and he along with Knock Out and Soundwave. He then took part in the museum heist to recover the Harvester, shooting at Autobots with his van-mounted rocket and ended up bashing Knock Out with Bulkhead. Once Soundwave retrieved the Harvester, he took part in harvesting Energon under Starscream's command where Starscream made his authority clear by killing a Vehicon and threatening them with it. Bulkhead then showed up which provoked the two cons to attack him but ended up knocking each other out. Once the Harvester was destroyed and the Autobots showed up, Breakdown and Knock Out ran. Deus ex Machina

Breakdown fights Bumblebee.

He buffed out the carbon scoring on Megatron's chassis while he was hooked up to life support and reported to Starscream that the only change in Megatron's condition was cosmetic. Later, Knock Out abducted a human from a street race who he mistook for Bumblebee's human friend and he planned an attack with Breakdown. Once the Autobots took the bait, Breakdown revealed himself and charged at Bumblebee and Bulkhead. However, after easily dispatching Bumblebee, he was knocked out when Bulkhead hit him with a light post. Speed Metal

When Starscream attempted to melt through the polar icecaps to get to a buried Energon deposit, Knock Out dispatched Breakdown to distract the Autobots, who were trying to stop them from melting the ice and subsequently raising sea levels. He was able to defeat Arcee before clashing with Bulkhead and causing the ice under them to split. Later, Starscream's plan failed and the explosion sent Breakdown flying away. Out of His Head

Breakdown is rescued from M.E.C.H. by Bulkhead.

Breakdown later attacked Bulkhead in Russia but was subdued and captured by M.E.C.H. While in their custody, Breakdown shouted that when he escaped he would crush them all, and once his pain receptors were disabled, Silas ordered for one of his optics to be removed. The missing eye was used as part of a bomb for the Autobots. Breakdown was about to be completely disassembled until he was saved by Bulkhead, who had realized if anyone was going to kill Breakdown it was going to be him. After the two fought their way out of the base, they were attacked by M.E.C.H. vehicles. Starscream and a squad of Seekers arrived and drove M.E.C.H. off, and Starscream allowed Breakdown to return to the ship on his own so as to make Megatron believe that he escaped by himself and told Breakdown to remember this when the time comes to place loyalties. Operation: Breakdown After his incident with MECH, Breakdown was given an optic patch over his stolen optic and was eager to redeem himself to Megatron. He volunteered to capture a Polarity gauntlet that Soundwave picked up for Megatron. Though the Decepticon leader doubted his ability's to succeed, Breakdown reflected on his recent loss and vowed not to fail him.

Breakdown's new optic patch.

Breakdown found the weapon easily but realized that he was not the only one after it. Airachnid, the rouge con he had heard rumors about revealed herself. She took the gauntlet but Breakdown was able to keep it away as they clashed with quite a few insults directed towards each other. After some intense fighting, Bulkhead and Arcee came to the party which forced the cons to team up. Breakdown was able to get the weapon and activated it, causing Airachnid to freak and run. Breakdown then used the weapon to lift Bulkhead and Arcee off the ground and sent them flying through the air which caused them to become magnetized. As Breakdown was making a break for it, Airachnid trapped him in her web and took the weapon back. However Bulkhead and Arcee returned, forcing the two cons to team up once more. Breakdown and Airachnid took turns exchanging their rivals in battle before the weapon caused them to become pulverized. However Airachnid took the gauntlet but Bulkhead grabbed her and sent her flying into Breakdown and caused them to become fused in stead. Breakdown returned to an enraged Megatron but revealed Airachnid to him which made up for his failure. Metal Attraction

Breakdown is knocked out by Ratchet with Synthetic Energon.

He was later sent to obtain a Cybertronian data cylinder for Megatron, but it was after they obtained and scanned it that they learned Bulkhead had absorbed all of its information. Breakdown and Knockout were then sent out to obtain Bulkhead's head so he could obtain the formula for Synthetic Energon. Knock Out was about to cut his head off after Bulkhead unintentionally painted him, but the data was ejected from Bulkhead and into space by Miko, and the two retreated when Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Arcee showed up. T.M.I. The Autobots once again show up when he, Knock Out, and several Vehicons were mining for Energon. The two attempt to escape, with the aerial Vehicons using missiles to create a blockade in the chasm to keep the Autobots from following, but Arcee manages to pass by and continue to chase. After knocking her down, the Vehicons nearly kill Arcee when Ratchet, having boosted his power with Synthetic energon, shows up and defeats all of them, while Breakdown and Knock Out watch. Breakdown wanted to fight Ratchet, but retreat when the other Autobots climb the blockade. Breakdown was assigned to one of Megatron's other energon mines and is discussing an alien love interest with a Vehicon when Ratchet shows up at the mine. He is eager to challenge him, but is defeated. He later attempts to tell Megatron about the presences of Ratchet when he falls unconscious right in front of him. Stronger, Faster

Some time later, Unicron made his appearance and tried to destroy the Earth and Megatron has disappeared. Breakdown was present on the bridge when Airachnid gave her speech to the Decepticons about Megatron's disappearance, their fate on Earth and her intent on leaving Earth without Megatron. Though everyone stayed quite against this action... Soundwave did not. Breakdown watched in shock as Soundwave kicked the daylights. Breakdown later bowed to Megatron when he did return and moved in for the attack once he saw Optimus Prime with him but was stopped and introduced to "Orion Pax" One Shall Rise, Part 3

Breakdown talks to Fowler.

Some time after Unicron was defeated, Knock Out and Breakdown were sent to retrieve the power source for their new Space Bridge. They manage to do so, but, while they retreat, Arcee managed to drive through their GroundBridge and onto the Nemesis. They only watch as she drives right past them. Orion Pax, Part 1 Later Breakdown checked up on Space Bridge control, only to have no response until a voice told him that everything was alright and at the request of that voice, Breakdown told him how he was and told them to keep up the work. (Though he was unaware that his was Agent Fowler covering for the Autobots who had hijacked the Space Bridge) Orion Pax, Part 2

Breakdown uncovers the forge of Solus Prime

After heading to the location of another Iacon tracking beacon, Knock Out drives out of the cave with the artifact leaving the beacon, a shield generator. Bulkhead opts to go after him, but is forced to fight Breakdown and allow a transform-less Bumblebee to chase him. Operation Bumblebee, Part 1 After finding this artifact, the two are sent to a mountainous region to retrieve another artifact. The one that they discover this time is the Forge of Solus Prime. Optimus Prime, Bulkhead, and Arcee try to fight the Decepticons, but Knockout uses his shield generator to try and push them off the cliff while Bulkhead fights Breakdown. During the fight, however, Bulkhead uses the forge to bat Breakdown into Knock Out, disabling the shield. However, Megatron then arrives and threatens to shoot Bulkhead if the Autobots do not surrender. They do, but as soon as Megatron leaves with the hammer Optimus Prime and Arcee open fire on the other two, though they escape. Operation Bumblebee, Part 2

Breakdown's dead body.

He was later assigned by Megatron, with the help of new comer Dreadwing, to kill Airachnid. However Airachnid took to insulting him which caused him to crack, allowing the spider to web his one good optic and fall down as the spider and Dreadwing fought. Breakdown recovered as Dreadwing was tied down and charged after her against the advice of Dreadwing. He eventually found her, wounded against a wall and prepared for the kill. However she has set up two traps which webbed his hammer hand and stopped him from moving. As he tried to break free, Airachnid took one of her spider legs and used it to kill Breakdown by dismantling him. His remains were later found by M.E.C.H. soldiers who took his body Crossfire and reconstructed it. Nemesis Prime

"Cylas Breakdown" meets Breakdowns former partner Knock Out

After being crushed by his "Nemesis Prime" robot, Silas was hooked up to Breakdown and merged his mind with the body. Silas renamed himself to "CYLAS" (CYbernetic Life Augmented by Symbiosis) and began to use his body to do his very whim. Later Knock Out detected Breakdown's reignited signal and went to his location, only to discover the truth behind his new life. CYLAS approached Megatron with the compromise of joining the Decepticon ranks in exchange for "Project: Damocles," a powerful military laser satellite created by Silas. However, after Silas failed even to defeat a combination of a cripple, a rookie, and three human children, his body was immobilized and he was sentenced by Megatron to be Knock Out's new dissection project. Knock Out noted that Breakdown would be proud of the vengeance. The Human Factor

While using Silas/Breakdown as a test subject in their Synthetic Energon experiments, Starscream and Knock Out used a drop of Dark Energon on him to give Megatron a means to control the aggressive recipients, only to turn Silas into a zombie creature capable of sucking Energon from other Transformers. Thirst


War for Cybertron

"Are you insane? Uh, I mean, yes, brilliant Megatron."
―Breakdown almost buys it.

Breakdown assisted Megatron in his search for the Omega Key, which granted access to Cybertron's core, and helped defeat Autobot leader Zeta Prime. However, it turned out that the Omega Key is actually only a locator device for the actual key, Omega Supreme, guardian of Cybertron's core.

Breakdown then joined Megatron and Soundwave on their mission to locate and annihilate Omega Supreme. After Omega chased them through Iacon, Breakdown assisted in defeating Omega Supreme by battling him on both the rooftop with anti-aircraft guns and in the Arena with combined small arms fire. He then helped with the corruption of Cybertron's core with Dark Energon.


  • Breakdown (Cyberverse Legion, 2012)

This is the only mold currently available in the United States. It comes with a purple blaster that mounts onto his arm (In the show, it mounts next to his head). It costs only $4.99. This mold was used to make Prime Fallback.

  • War Breakdown (Arms Micron, 2012)

This is the TakaraTomy exclusive Voyager sized toy. It comes with stickers that don't stick and his hammers turns into some Rhino thing that represents the "Arms Micron".

  • Silas Breakdown

Black repaint of Breakdown with new chrome grill guard, meant to represent him after fusing with Silas, comes with praying mantis Micron that converts into double bladed weapon. Comes with Decepticon and M.E.C.H. stickers. SIlas's face is molded into the inside of his chest.


Concept art of WFC Breakdown and his altmode

  • Breakdown was one of the 4 playable characters in the War for Cybertron Multiplayer Demo.
  • Far removed from the whiny, paranoid runt seen in War for Cybertron, Breakdown is a hulking brute of a Decepticon who works as Knock Out's assistant both in Decepticon medicine and Autobot dismemberment. He is usually seen with Knock Out, however, he does go out of his way to attack his rival Bulkhead on occasion.
  • Breakdown is so far the only Decepticon who both respects and is respected by Starscream. In "Operation: Breakdown", Starscream sent a search them to rescue him from MECH. Starscream penalizes Knockout for failure in Speed Metal and Knockout does not treat Starscream as formally as he demands. Starscream received either death threats or injuries from the Vehicons, Megatron, Airachnid, and Skyquake.
  • Following his capture by MECH, Breakdown has not yet had his optic replaced despite being a medical assistant. Either they don't have any spares lying around or they're all different colours to his.
    • It is also possible that Megatron ordered Knock Out to deny Breakdown a replacement as a form of punishment for getting captured in the first place, or that Breakdown made the decision himself, as a reminder of his own mistakes.
  • Airachnid made mention of Breakdown's capture and their past acquaintance, while striking her deal with MECH. The voice actors for Airachnid and Breakdown (Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin respectively) previously worked together on the television series Firefly and the movie Serenity.
  • Breakdown has referred to Airachnid as 'intriguing', proving that he has found her interesting perhaps in a romantic way.
  • Breakdown is the first regular character to be killed in Prime.